Memes For Cruise Addicts Everywhere!


My blog today is for cruise addicts everywhere, with a love of cruise memes! Sometimes it’s the only thing we need to post on Facebook to let the world know how we feel when it comes to our love of the ocean based holiday. I found the memes below in all different areas of the internet and thought it would be nice to put them all in one place, so I have turned them into a blog post – I even found one that you could share with your travel agent and a few for our absolutely wonderful crew members! Yes, we have a “crew only” area today, scroll down.

If you have any good ones that I haven’t included then please come and share them with me on Facebook.

P.S. I know some of the images have spelling mistakes, but look beyond that and just enjoy the picture – have a laugh! 🙂no-rogue-waves-will-get-us_o_523431110521758_271918459664607_7288714755087774714_n













Crew Only

Work onboard? Then these are the ones for you! 🙂





I hope you all had a giggle at these! I did! 🙂

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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The Bay of Islands welcoming committee came out in full force to greet us this morning. It was breathtaking, there were #dolphins everywhere - even a baby came to greet us! #NewZealand #marinelife #BayOfIslands #paihia I have a massive fear of heights, but yesterday I put my big girl pants on and went up the #SkyTower in #Auckland #NewZealand. I was TERRIFIED, but I DID IT! The views are absolutely incredible and I was so happy the sky was clear. 
Fun facts:

It took two years and nine months to build, at a cost of NZ$85 million. 
It's 328 metres high

Has 1,267 stairs from the base to the Sky Deck

I went to 2 levels: Sky Deck at 722 feet and the Main Observation Level at 610 feet.
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