Crystal Symphony Cruise Countdown

In less than 3-weeks I will be joining Crystal Symphony for the final 4-days of her ‘Noble North Sea’ voyage – with my ports of call being Hamburg (overnight) and Helgoland – and I am incredibly excited!

I have never sailed with Crystal Cruises before, so it’s going to be a whole new experience and Helgoland will be a new port. We were due to visit there 2 years ago on my MSC Magnifica cruise, but sadly the weather and sea conditions were against us and it wasn’t safe to tender. The most I got to see was a hill in the distance through a rain covered window, but fingers and toes are firmly crossed that this time I can get there! It looks like such an interesting place and it is tiny, with a population of just over 1,300 people and less than 2 square kilometres in size. Cars are not allowed on the island and it is a popular destination for wildlife photographers, as grey and common seals are popular visitors – along with several species of bird. Yes, I am very much looking forward to our call to Helgoland (German archipelago in the North Sea) and if Mother Nature ruins it for me this time then she and I will no longer be on speaking terms!

Before reaching Helgoland, however, Crystal Symphony will dock in Hamburg overnight. We arrive at 8pm and have the evening and then following full day in port. I picked a Crystal Adventure Shore Excursion for my Hamburg visit: Neungamme Concentration Camp & WWII Fire Storm. The Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial is the largest of its kind in northern Germany, the camp today commemorates the over 100,000 people who were imprisoned there during World War II. Most were incarcerated because of their race, resistance to the Nazi party or refusal to be forced into slave labour.

Crystal Symphony’s final stop, and disembarkation port, will be Amsterdam. I will wave her goodbye, meet up with my adopted Dutch family for a while and then spend 2-days in Amsterdam with my fellow travel blogger and friend, Travel Shop Girl, before sailing home with DFDS Seaways. It really is going to be a great trip!

I don’t think there is anything specific that I am most looking forward to about Crystal Symphony, I’m just excited to enjoy the whole Crystal Cruises experience, but I am looking forward to seeing this wonderful Lido Deck!

Symphony refurbishment 2009

19 days and counting………………

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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5 comments on “Crystal Symphony Cruise Countdown
  1. Commiserations on having to endure unabated luxury and some of the finest cuisine to be found anywhere in the world. We can only imagine the hardship you are about not to endure.

    Have a mesmerising trip, Danielle. Keep us filled in.

    Cruise Q and A

  2. mariank13 says:

    You best get your rest before Amsterdam. I’m going to keep you very busy.

  3. George says:

    Hi Cruise Miss Would you like Margaret & I carry your bags you are a very lucky Lady
    enjoy your self don’t think of me slaving away
    Uncle George

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