Some Motion In The Ocean (Exactly The Kind You’re Thinking Of!)

I have posted so many images over the last several years, most of which have shown people enjoying the fun and games onboard, ships docked at beautiful sun-kissed islands, and some very colourful sunsets, but then I realised that those days when the sea has been a little lumpy and the sky a little grey have been neglected. Well, not anymore!

Not everyone will like this post, but it is a fact that a ship on the open ocean may well run into less than perfect sailing conditions – Mother Nature strikes as and when she pleases and there is nothing we can do about it. I have been lucky enough (I mean that without sarcasm) to experience just about all weather conditions during my several years hitting the high seas and I thought it only right that I now share some of the grim sea days with you (and maybe one or two port shots), saying as the sunshine keeps getting all the attention!

Are you ready for a bit of motion in the ocean? 😉

I recorded the below during my Arctic Circle cruise in March 2014. We were in the Norwegian Sea at the time and the weather was pretty miserable. Oriana had been pitching for what felt like an eternity. Of course, I was loving every second of it, but there were a few people that were a little on the green side.

 This was taken in the Mediterranean in July 2011. It was a pleasant evening, the outside air temperature was nice, the sunset was very pretty, but every now and then the ocean had to get in on the action.


I think it is fair to say that St Petersburg had seen better days! Just a few moments later rain poured from the sky and the thunder and lightning swiftly followed.


When we docked in Tenerife in October 2014 it was raining, and thunder and lightning had been following us for hours, but I hadn’t quite expected this just a few hours later!

Not the best picture in the world, but this is my lovely Ventura taking a battering in the Bay of Biscay. This was taken in April 2012, I was on Oceana at the time and we were being attacked by waves from all directions. I remember our Captain commenting that it was one of the worst Bay of Biscay crossings he had ever encountered. It was certainly my roughest experience at sea, but I loved it…………


………..until this happened! – Use the stairs? Are you kidding me! 😉


The sun was shining, but the swell had other ideas, and it was very clear that the pool was not impressed. P.S. it’s not a body in the water, it was a blue boiler suit. How it got there remains a mystery!


Usually I wouldn’t use the below because the quality isn’t that great (it’s blurry because I almost got blown off my feet taking it), but it actually fits quite nicely into my blog today. Good job they were tied together and to the handrail!


I have many more Images and video to share (you can find a lot of my videos on YouTube), but I will save them for another day! 😉

Happy Tuesday!

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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