Cruise Planning With Cruise Plotter


I came across a handy little tool recently called Cruise Plotter. It is a cruise search function that allows you to browse via interactive map per specific ports and countries.

For example; Spain features in 1852 cruises, 12 of these include Almeria in an itinerary, while 874 feature Barcelona. With Cruise Plotter you are no longer limited to looking at a wider region or specific ship.

Cruise Plotter features all the cruise itineraries available from participating dealchecker partners. In just a few clicks users can see exactly how many cruises are available to a chosen city or country. These can then be narrowed down further, with filters for price, departure point, date, duration and cruise line.

With over 20,000 individual cruise itineraries featured from 44 cruise lines, this is a one stop search, matching cruisers with their perfect itinerary, at a price to suit.

I gave it a try and it really is incredibly user friendly. I searched for Mediterranean then narrowed it down to Italy and from there I selected which cruise line I would prefer (I opted for Norwegian Cruise Line) and then moved the gauge to my ideal price range. There is also a small box at the top which you can tick if you only wish to be shown UK departures – perfect for someone like me! Once you have found your perfect voyage simply check all info is correct and then click through to the provider to make your booking. It couldn’t be simpler!

It really is incredibly user friendly – even my Mum could use it hassle free, she will no doubt give me ‘the look’ when she reads this, but it is very true! 😉

If you are not entirely sure on where you want to go, then this is a great tool to use – it even brought up places that were entirely new to me – or if you know exactly what you are looking for and just want to do a quick comparison then again, it’s worth checking.

Have fun cruise hunting! 🙂

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