Emerald Princess – A Few Of My Favourite Onboard Areas

As you know, I recently returned from a Canary Islands cruise aboard Princess Cruises, Emerald Princess and I thought it would be nice to share with you some of my favourite areas onboard.

First and foremost, Emerald Princess herself – what a gorgeous girl she is! I think the entire world knows by now that P&O Cruises, Ventura is my favourite (with Oceana coming in a very, VERY close second) but Emerald Princess certainly gave my little lady a run for her money. There were so many things I liked about her, from the smallest of details, like the colour of the wood around the aft pool, to the more notable things such as the overall layout off the atrium. As soon as I stepped aboard I really was impressed and I hadn’t felt that same feeling of amazement since I first boarded Oceana and caught a glimpse of her beautiful atrium back in November 2011. Emerald Princess has certainly made her way onto my adoption list, put it that way! 😉


The outer decks are my haven, they really are and I enjoyed spending my sea days lounging around the pool. I am not a huge fan of the onboard entertainment, I much prefer to do my own thing or sit and watch the world go by on the open decks, but I did enjoy the live band that often played on the stage during sea days. We didn’t have the most fabulous weather, but when the sun came out and the temperature crept up it really was a nice area to just sit back and chill out in. I also really liked the fact that all the sunbeds were spread out, so for every 2 loungers there was one table, which meant that not only did you have somewhere other than the floor to put your drinks, you also had enough breathing space between your neighbours.


The atrium, that beautiful space right in the centre of the ship that beholds treasures of food, drinks, shops and more! I loved the decor, I loved the lightning and I loved the atmosphere. I didn’t get a chance to spend very much time here, but when passing through or browsing in the stores I always took a minute to enjoy it and scan the decks to see what people were getting up to. The atrium also lead into one of my other favourite areas, even though I only ever walked through it – Gatsby’s Casino.


Yes, the Casino was another of my favourite areas, but I never actually spent time in there, as I said above I only ever walked through but I am adding it as a favourite because it reminded me a lot of my late Grandma. My Grandma liked to have a flutter in the amusement arcade and many times I went with her to see if she would be lucky, walking through Gatsby’s brought back those memories because the vast majority of the space was filled with slot machines – all making fun noises and dazzling me with their dancing lights – and I had visions of my Grandma being in there and thoroughly loving every minute of it. Of course there was a Black Jack table, Craps table, Roulette wheel etc and a bar with a rather large floor space for socialising, but it was the noise I passed through for.


The Pizzeria! I like Pizza, I wouldn’t say it was one of my favourite foods, but I couldn’t get enough of it during my cruise! It had to be just out of the oven though – if it wasn’t piping hot and tempting me with melted cheese then I had to pass on it. I made the mistake on day one of asking for a “Margarita pizza” and wondered why the chef gave me a funny look. I thought it was just going to be a small, individual size pizza but oh, how wrong was I. I settled for a few slices for my friend and I but would like to point out that the chef was more than ready to slice up the entire thing and let me take it!

Emerald Princess Pizza

Tradewinds was my favourite bar aboard and it certainly had something to do with the crew, Angel and Rattana. Angel liked to have a laugh and he had us totally stumped one evening showing us a trick with sticks – I won’t tell you what that was just yet, maybe I can share it with you at a later date and you can try it on friends and family – it had us scratching our heads for quite sometime! Rattana was the perfect bar tender, you asked for a drink once and that was it, he never forgot it and all you had to do was smile, he would give you a thumbs up and a few minutes later your drink would be on the table in front of you. Service!


Last but not least I would have to say my favourite restaurant was the Crown Grill and I really do wish I had visited more than once! Sabatini’s was delicious, but the Crown Grill, for me, just had an extra edge. The food was superb, I really couldn’t fault a thing and it was my first experience trying Bisque, which I actually really did enjoy. Next time, I am going to try the 4oz Maine Lobster Tails, split and grilled in garlic! Yum!!!! A lot of people ordered them and they looked so good, a few people also ordered the 22 ounce Porterhouse Steak – where they actually put all that meat, I have got no idea! I was absolutely full to bursting after my little (in comparison to the Porterhouse) New York Strip!


There were a lot of things I enjoyed about Princess Cruises and there are a lot of things I have still yet to try! I noticed there was a Crab Shack too – it only seemed to be advertised twice though and I only caught it by chance, maybe I will try that on my next Princess voyage.

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2 comments on “Emerald Princess – A Few Of My Favourite Onboard Areas
  1. Anonymous says:

    hi i went on emerald princess around carabian great ship but top that last month oasis of the seas out of this world but still better to cruise with princess. my best princess ship has to be diamond princess been on twice around alaska on same ship. brill a holiday hard to beat rob

  2. Neal Berkowitz says:

    Nice review, Danielle. And some great pictures like always.

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