The Curse Of Cruise Mode

CelebrityEclipseCruiseShipWe step aboard, have the time of our lives and then return to daily life. It’s difficult to digest, I know, but have you ever returned from your cruise and stayed in ‘cruise mode’ for just a little too long? Let me explain – have you ever returned home, enjoyed a fabulous meal and then forgot that you actually need to pay in REAL money for it before you leave the restaurant?

I spend a lot of time at sea and I love every second of it, but sometimes when I return home the cruise way of life stays with me in ways I really wish it didn’t. It’s almost like you have been institutionalised by the sea, by the onboard way of life and it is definitely not a bad thing but it’s not always a great thing either!

Many times I have found myself searching the bathroom wall in the middle of the night for the button to flush the toilet. I am half asleep, cursing under my breath because I can’t find the button, then I remember I am at home, there is a handle not a button! I lose valuable snoozing time because I am searching for something that is not there. It is highly annoying!

I went to Amsterdam last year, travelled there via DFDS ferry and spent an evening in the city. I got to my hotel, found my room and threw my case on the bed. I had a little investigation of my new digs and unpacked a few things before flicking through the channels on the TV. I didn’t realise at first what I was doing but it turned out that I was again waiting for something that was never going to come – the muster drill! It may have only been a split second thought, but that is what I was biding time for. Crazy!

Even food becomes a different issue. Onboard we visit the buffet and let’s be honest, we put things on one plate that really shouldP&0 Cruises Oceana Tortola never be on the same plate, like curry and carbonara, but onboard it is OK, no big deal. At home we would never dream of doing that though, well I certainly wouldn’t, and if anyone else were to do it I would be the first to screw my face up and let out the obligatory ewww! So how come the rules at sea are different for us? It really is weird!

It’s like being in a bar and ordering your drink and then wondering why you don’t have to sign for it. I know it all probably makes me sound crazy, but I am 99% confident that I am not alone in any of this and I am sure some of you have even better stories to tell? 😉

Author: Danielle


Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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One comment on “The Curse Of Cruise Mode
  1. Buil says:

    We we first started cruising…whenever we would go ashore and at the end of the cruise, we would feel like we were swaying with the ocean waves…this was before one could hardly feel the cruise ship was moving.

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