Costa Concordia Refloat Video And Interior Photographs

The Costa Concordia was successfully refloated recently and I wanted to share with you a timelapse video of that process, you can view it below. I also wanted to share with you some interior images of the vessel as she is now. I think you will agree that the image of the piano is incredible, for after all this time it still looks brand new!

Costa Concordia remains a tragedy that could have been easily avoided, but now the focus is on moving the vessel from her resting place and doing so as safely as possible.

Costa Concordia Refloat 2014

Costa Concordia Bar

Costa Concordia Piano

Costa Concordia Deck

Costa Concordia Inside


Costa Concordia Refloat 2

Costa Concordia Refloat Cabin

Costa Concordia Refloat Interior

Costa Concordia Refloat Video


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