Solo Cruising With P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises Solo CruiseMy last trip was another solo cruising adventure and I wanted to highlight that a little more today. I don’t feel like I touched on that aspect too much when I was actually onboard and I know a few of you will appreciate something a little more in depth about the experience.

My Canary Islands trip with P&O Cruises was actually my third solo cruise and as always I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will talk to just about anyone so making friends is never an issue for me, I will always find someone to spark a conversation with and this time I was lucky enough to have 4 fellow passengers develop into what I am sure will be life-long friends.

I think one of the biggest issues for some when it comes to taking a solo cruise is the prospect of dining alone but don’t let that put you off. I would suggest freedom dining as it gives you the chance to meet new people every evening should you wish to dine in the main restaurant. I enjoyed dinner several times with others and several times on my own. Sometimes it is nice to have your own company for a little while, I parked myself in the speciality restaurant, Cafe Jardin twice during the trip and never felt uncomfortable – I just watched the world go by and that suited me perfectly.

Another thing I think people worry about when cruising on their own is going ashore. I spent time in Funchal Madeirasome ports with the friends I had made onboard and I spent time in some ports on my own. If you do feel uncomfortable going ashore on your own then maybe book yourself a small excursion. I overheard one woman who was also cruising on her own say that she won’t go ashore on her own at all and has been cruising solo for several years. Personally, I couldn’t do that, I want to see the places I visit but I do appreciate we are all different.

Maybe I  have mentioned this in another blog but just in case you missed it, P&O Cruises offer tea mornings several times during a cruise specifically for those passengers travelling on their own, I didn’t go to any of them, but I know one lady that did and she met another woman with whom she spent every day ashore with. They both wanted to explore but were nervous about going alone so they teamed up. Without that little tea and chat option they would not have met so if you are nervous then go along and see who you can meet up with.

Aboard Oceana I feel incredibly comfortable and I had visited all but one of the ports before so had some idea of where I was going and what I was likely to do ashore. I enjoyed having a Queen sized bed all to myself and all of the wardrobe space, although to be honest I never use it all anyway as I’m too lazy to fully unpack!

Oceana SailawayAnother great aspect of travelling alone is that you can often be “squeezed” in to places at the last minute!  I went along to Cafe Jardin one evening and it was full to bursting but the restaurant manager said he could fit me in no problem. Result! I also managed to hop on a shuttle bus at the last second in Tenerife, again because I was on my own. Solo cruising does have its little perks! 😉

I really do enjoy the solo aspect of cruising, it is nice sometimes to spread your own wings and explore on your own, meet new people and learn new things about yourself. If you are thinking about it then stop and just book it. You really will have an amazing time and I am sure you will have as much or as little company as you wish. You won’t be alone all of the time. I promise! 🙂

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7 comments on “Solo Cruising With P&O Cruises
  1. Tirun says:

    Really nice blog, Cruise ships are family friendly and there is something to for everyone.

  2. Sarah Brunsdon says:

    I have wondered what it is like to go solo cruising so found your article useful. Up to now I have been lucky that last year my daughter cane with me and this year my two sons.

  3. Crystal Cruises offers trans Atlantic “Big Band” dance cruises. There are generally 6+ dance hosts for the single ladies, a couple hostess and 4 dance instructors providing free dance lessons daily. There is also singles group dining.

  4. Carol Reed says:

    Yes it is unfair, it’s the same as hotels on package holidays. I had to pay a huge supplement when I went on holidays with my parents.

  5. Carol says:

    Great blog. When we were on our last cruise, we went to breakfast and there was a solo elderly woman who was german and she mentioned that she goes to tea for the “lonely peope”. It sounded funny.

    Something I’ve always wanted to know. How far in advance to do have to book? as there arent many solo cabins and it seems a shame people have to pay above average prices just for being a solo traveller.

    • CruiseMiss says:

      Hi Carol 🙂 I don’t book a solo cabin in particular, I just book a normal inside or whatever else is available. There is a single supplement but they vary in price. Some are a double fare cost, some are supplement free and others are reduced, it just depends. It is annoying having to pay more for one person but hopefully as time goes on us solo cruisers will get some rewards! 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        I am going to be solo cruising in August. I am really nervous as I’ve never been on holiday alone and with having to pay double price am unlikely to cruise again. I know once I get aboard the Oceana I will be ok.

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