P&O Cruises Oceana Canary Islands Countdown


Oceana Canary Islands Cruise Countdown

Three days to go until I am back onboard P&O Cruises, Oceana, and boy am I looking forward to it! Of course, I am excited to be back on Oceana and on the open ocean, but one is also in desperate need of some sunshine so Canary Islands……here I come!

This cruise actually will be many things for me as firstly, half way through it, I shall move up a tier in the Peninsular Club and find myself at Caribbean level. WooHoo! Express check-in from now on! Secondly it will be my 21st cruise! I know, I can’t quite believe it either! And thirdly, it will be my first REAL solo cruise with P&O Cruises so I am keen to see how I will fair completely on my own. I did cruise solo with P&O back in 2012 but I had friends doing the same trip so technically I wasn’t entirely alone, I just had a cabin to myself. This time I am a genuine solo cruiser!

I last visited the Canaries in 2011 so I am looking forward to seeing what, if anything has changed and Las Palma is a port I have never visited before so I will have new, unexplored territory to conquer as well. It should be a lot of fun and hopefully warm and sunny too.

My lovely little Oceana, so excited to see her again, all 77,499GT of her! It has been 6 months since we last saw one another and on a more serious note, six months since I last had prawns from Café Jardin. I am tempted to put in an order before I leave, just in case! 😉 I guarantee the Restaurant Manager will take one look at me and say to himself “dear Lord, not her again! Why, WHY?” I have no self control AT all. And yes, I am aware that I talk about the prawns a lot but trust me, they are GOOD! Really good!

Moving on…………….

I would love to find out if any of my readers are also on this cruise! Guest blogger, Scott, and I shall both be onboard although Scott is just visiting for the day. I say that now but it really depends whether security can get him off or not at the end of his visit! 😉

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Author: Danielle

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The prawns really are THAT good!

  2. Have a great time, enjoy reading your posts

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