I Love Cruising!

I love cruising

People ask me ALL OF THE TIME what it is I enjoy so much about cruising and every time I tell them each the same thing – EVERYTHING!

Bear with me on today’s blog as it could get a little unorganised! I never know in which direction my cruise ramblings will take me! 😉

I really am hooked on the entire experience but I think overall I just love being at sea and the excitement of travelling all the time. There is an incredibly freeing feeling about the open ocean and something thrilling about that first glimpse of land as you head towards your next port of call. I enjoy the atmosphere onboard, the excitement of arriving and leaving a port, the food, the terminology, the rough weather and even the smell of the ship as you step aboard! I am truly never happier than when I am at sea. Looking back I wish I had discovered my passion for the open ocean earlier in life then maybe I could have spent every day at sea. Literally! Although I guess there is still time yet!

My friend recently said to me that she hadn’t fully bonded with a ship because it didn’t have “that smell”. Now unless you REALLY are a cruise addict you are probably about to click off the page thinking this post is about to turn into something you really don’t want to read, but just trust me for a minute. Our beloved ships have distinct smells, and having just returned from a cruise on the ship she mentioned I could totally relate to her as I couldn’t smell it either. We had a full conversation about this I might point out, which went along the lines of “Yeah, I could smell it when I first boarded but after that there was nothing”. How many people do you know that can have a full scale conversation about the way a ship smells? 😉 Now those of you that have cruised with MSC Cruises will know EXACTLY what I am talking about! Never was there a sweeter smelling fleet!!! If I could bottle the MSC scent and bring it home I would!

Cruise Ship Sunset

If I had to mention one thing about cruising that keeps me going back for more it would have to be evenings at sea like the one you see above. You can’t get that anywhere else but on the open ocean and the sound that goes with it is priceless! Many a time on this ship I have sat in the exact same spot and aside from one or two bar staff, for several hours I was the ONLY one there! Some say you can never have a moment’s peace on a cruise ship. I guess I just proved you wrong! The ship mentioned is Ventura, not exactly a small lady, she can accommodate over 3,000 passengers yet there I was time and time again just me, myself and I!

I eat, sleep and breathe cruise, I work in cruise when I am not at sea so I really do have the best of both worlds and I thank my lucky stars every single day!

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My ramblings weren’t as bad today as they usually are, were they? 😉

Author: Danielle



  1. Love the sounds of a cruise, the swish through the water, sleeping with the veranda doors open to hear the sea, ooohh to be there now……..

  2. Always enjoy your clips & blogs – I too am a passionate cruiser & agree with EVERYTHING you wrote above! My favourite ‘lady’ is QM2 but love all the ships I’ve been on….and your right….those sunsets on the ocean are a very unique – and I think healing – experience. I find there is nothing finer for the mind than being out on the ocean – it’s a wonderful escape!

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