My Perfect Cruise Itinerary

Cunard-Queen-ElizabethIf you could put together the perfect cruise itinerary where in the world would you go? It’s a tough question, I know! But there must be a selection of places on our wonderful planet that you are determined to visit at some point in your life. I have a fair few places on my bucket list that’s for sure.

If I could build my perfect cruise itinerary it would look something like this.

Southampton | Cherbourg, France | Rabat, Morocco | Gibraltar | Algiers, Algeria | Tunis, Tunisia | Alexandria, Egypt (for tours to Cairo – overnight in port) | Suez Canal Transit | Sharm el-Sheikh (overnight in port) | Aqaba, Jordan (for tours to Petra) | Safaga, Egypt (for tours to Luxor – overnight in port) | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia | Salalah, Oman |  Abu Dhabi, UAE (overnight in port) | Mumbai, India | Colombo, Sri Lanka | Yangon, Burma | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Singapore, Malaysia | Bangkok, Thailand (overnight in port) | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam | Hong Kong, China (overnight in port) | Manila, Philippines | Papua New Guinea | Brisbane, Australia | Sydney, Australia | Tasmania | Wellington, New Zealand | Santiago, Chile | Lima, Peru | San Diego, California (overnight in port) | Hilo, Hawaii | Honolulu, Hawaii | San Francisco, California (overnight in port) | Los Angeles, California (overnight in port) | Costa Rica | Panama Canal Transit | Cartagena, Colombia | Havana, Cuba (overnight in port) | The Bahamas | Puerto Rico | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Buenos Aires, Argentina | Cape Town, South Africa | Walvis Bay, Namibia (overnight in port) | Luanda, Angola | Sao Tome and Principe | Lagos, Nigeria | The Gambia | Dakar, Senegal | Funchal, Madeira | Southampton

I have just been around the world from the comfort of my office! How’s that for a Tuesday afternoon! 😉 Maybe I should have said if I could build my perfect world cruise it would look something like this! I got a little carried away but wouldn’t it be nice to pack some cases and head off on that kind of itinerary?! I know I missed out the sea days. I can navigate my way around the world but don’t ask me to start adding in days at sea because to be honest I would not know where to start.

There are so many other places I wanted to add but if I leave some gaps that means I could possibly build perfect itinerary numberP&O Cruises Oriana 2 at some point! Not to be greedy or anything but I want to see EVERYTHING!

So now I have my itinerary I just need a ship to go with it. I think if I did ever embark on something like the above it would have to be with either Cunard or P&O Cruises (unless I won the lotto, then I might step up the luxury and give Oceania Cruises or Silversea a call! 😉 ) I would consider Cunard because I quite like the idea of being sailed around the world like a Queen and by a Queen, and I would consider P&O Cruises because stepping aboard one of their fleet for me is like being at home.

Oh the decisions that one would love to be faced with making one day, but for now I shall sit and dream………………….

So now it’s your turn! Where would you go?

Author: Danielle


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  1. oguz esen says:

    That’s a nice initiary and it is “around the World in 80 days for 20.000$ ” Anyone especially like cruising and writes his memories like me could spend this amount when he vins a lotto.But you have forgotten visiting Turkey in yr voyage.

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