Cunard Queen Mary 2 And Captain Oprey EPIC Photo Shoot – How Did They Do It?

Queen Mary 2 Captain Oprey Bulbous Bow

Cunard Line recently delivered to the world a photo-shoot of epic proportions. The ocean liner in all her glory with her Captain standing proudly atop her bulbous bow, all to mark the start of the 10th birthday celebrations of a very special lady.

The shoot took place off the coast of Bali and was the brainchild of photographer James Morgan.  Morgan said: “When I suggested we photograph Captain Kevin Oprey standing on the bulbous bow, they all looked at me like I was a tiny bit mad, but the fact it hadn’t been done was why we had to do it”.

For Captain Oprey it was an experience he will never forget and Morgan said: “The captain was very, very, very excited to be part of it. It’s somewhere he’s never been; he’s always 12 storeys above conducting his team from the bridge”.

Queen Mary 2 Bulbous Bow Captain Oprey

The photographs are truly incredible but I thought you might like to see exactly how it was done. 🙂

Author: Danielle

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