Cruise Ship Fun And Fake Poo (Yes! I said Fake Poo!)

Ventura-MadeiraI enjoy looking back at my photographs from cruises gone by, they bring back so many wonderful memories of fantastic adventures. They also bring back memories of some stupid things my friend and I have managed to entertain ourselves with while onboard. We like to let our hair down and have fun, basically!

Can you remember the planking craze? Well we “attempted” that on one cruise, didn’t quite work out as it should have but hey it was funny while it lasted and it kept us entertained for a few minutes. I know….I can hear some of you mumbling under your breath “you are grown women, act like it” but to be honest life’s too short to be so serious all the time and if we aren’t causing a nuisance to anyone else I don’t see the problem. We are young, free and single and we are enjoying life!

One of my best memories was from a summer cruise on Ventura in 2011. My friend (who was on her first cruise) had brought along some “props” for the adventure, in this case it was fake poo! The plan had been to get me with it but she didn’t realise our cabin steward would be in the room twice a day to make up and turn down the bed, eventually we came up with the idea to put the fake poo in her bed and leave it for our cabin steward to find. Our steward was called Kathy and she was a lot of fun, around our age too so we could all have a joke together and we knew she would see the funny side to it. The offending item was left and off we went to occupy ourselves until we knew she would have been in our cabin. We waited maybe 2 hours then decided to head back. I peered around the corner, I could see her trolley but not her so we decided to just go for it and started walking down the deck. We came within about 3 doors of our cabin when Kathy appeared from another room and at the top of her voice shouted “oh my god you are so naughty”. We were doubled over with laughter, she said “I pulled back the duvet and oh my god, what is this, what happened” I won’t tell you what else she said 😉 but she dragged us back into our cabin and said there you go, Cruise Ship Towel AnimalI make elephant go poo on your bed. She had made us a towel elephant, placed it perfectly on my friend’s bed then plonked the fake poo behind it. It was absolutely hilarious! I actually bumped into her on another cruise a year later and she said she still laughs to this day about the tricks we played on her. She also said that it was nice to find passengers that could enjoy a joke.

I will save my other stories for another blog post!

If you see me onboard please don’t be scared! I do act my age sometimes, promise! 😉

Author: Danielle


Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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2 comments on “Cruise Ship Fun And Fake Poo (Yes! I said Fake Poo!)
  1. Margareth says:

    This is a fun blog an nice photo.While I am reading this it back my memory in Cruising in Sydney Harbour. I have a good time in cruising in Sydney. I will soon do it again 🙂

  2. Sean Calvert says:

    Amazing pics! Well taken. Also well written. I had been to AUS two years ago for some business reasons and cruised in Sydney Harbour. It was a great experience with my colleagues. We cruised in Vivid Sydney’s Lunch cruise. Awesome Buffet lunch! We bought drinks that were not part of the package, bit costly but were worth opting. The only thing that made me uncomfortable is the crowd. However, we could enjoy the view-outs well.

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