Counting Down To Oriana

P&O-Cruises-OrianaThere are less than 4 weeks left to go before I join P&O Cruises, Oriana for a 12-night Northern Lights voyage and it’s fair to say that one is pretty excited, although I don’t think I quite anticipated at first just how cold this cruise was actually going to be. The more my friend sends me weather forecasts the more terrified I become. Either way though it is going to be a great experience!

Shopping has commenced (of course) and mainly includes thermals, thermals, boots and more thermals. It has run quite expensive so far but I suppose once these things are purchased that’s it, you are always ready for another cold adventure at the drop of a hat. Maybe Antarctica next time!

This cruise will allow us three overnight stays in port and I am really looking forward to them. We will have 2-nights in Alta and one night in Tromso. I have waited years to have an overnight in port where my friend and I could just head off and do what we want. Where we could even return at 2am if we pleased and happily find the ship still alongside. The last overnight stay we had was in Haifa, Israel and for various reasons we decided it better we stay onboard in the evening. There are no concrete plans in place yet as to what we will do ashore on the three evenings but we will go in search of the Northern Lights on at least one of them. We have also both agreed that we will have a nice meal ashore at some point. One of the delicacies in Norway is boiled lambs head, not sure I could even look at that let alone eat it so that will NOT be on the menu!! We are hoping with crossed fingers that we may squeeze in a husky ride too! If you could cross your fingers for us also that would be most appreciated! 😉 I suppose if we don’t make it we can always drown our sorrows in Tromso as apparently here has more bars than anywhere else in Norway!

Bergen and Stavanger are our other two ports of call and again will be all new for me. They say Stavanger is the gateway to P&O-Cruises-OrianaNorway’s scenic Fjordland so I am really looking forward to seeing it for myself.  Bergen is a 13th century hanseatic city and was built on the site of an original Viking settlement. It also looks very picturesque! To be honest I have yet to do any thorough research into either of these ports but it is on my list for the coming days.

The most precious aspect of this voyage for me though will be being back onboard the beautiful Oriana! It has been so long! I can’t remember every detail about her but I am sure that as soon as I step onboard it will all come flooding back and make me feel as though I never left!

Only 26-days to go!

Author: Danielle

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  1. amanda says:

    I just came back. How did you find it?

  2. Brian says:

    For the few cruises I’ve done to now Oriana is my favourite ship so far, maybe not as glitzy as some but feels like a ship with a soul. Did some of the stops you are doing aboard Queen Elizabeth last year, hope you haven’t spent all your pocket money on thermals, Norway is very very expensive, beer around £8 fish and chips in Bergen fish market around £15

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