Ghost Ship Filled With Cannibal Rats: The Mystery Of The Lyubov Orlova Cruise Ship

Ghost-Ship-Lyubov-OrlovaThe 300ft deserted cruise ship, Lyubov Orlova has been floating around in the Atlantic Ocean since being set adrift off the Canadian coast in 2012 but coastguards now believe a series of storms have pushed her thousands of miles across the ocean and worryingly close to UK shores.

If the fact this beautiful vessel was left to die at the hands of the ocean isn’t worrying enough, then the fact she is also believed to be infested with cannibal rats really puts her on the radar.

The 40-year old Soviet vessel, built in Yugoslavia in 1976, was originally constructed to carry 100 passengers to remote locations in the Arctic, but she was impounded in Newfoundland in 2010 over a debts row. Her unpaid crew then walked out. She remained in port for two years before orders finally came in to tow her to the Dominican Republic to be scrapped.

When her tow line snapped during heavy sea conditions in January 2012 the Canadian government ordered another vessel haul her out to sea and cut her loose. The 4,250-tonne vessel has been left to her own devices since.

Experts do believe the vessel is still afloat because her four life-raft transmitters have not been set off, if the vessel were to sink lyubov-orlova-aftthese most certainly would have been activated. Two distress beacons were activated on the 12th and 23rd of March last year but it is believed they came from rafts which had broken free from the ship.

Pim de Rhodes, a Belgian-based marine missions specialist, told The Sun “She is floating around out there somewhere. There will be a lot of rats and they eat each other. If I get aboard I’ll have to lace everywhere with poison.”

The rats have been referred to as cannibals because they literally only have each other to eat in order to stay alive.

If the ship were to make landfall it would most likely be on the west coast of Ireland, Scotland or Cornwall.

I wonder where she is.

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One comment on “Ghost Ship Filled With Cannibal Rats: The Mystery Of The Lyubov Orlova Cruise Ship
  1. liz becker says:

    Great post. Wonder where the ship is as well!

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