Norwegian Getaway Video Tour

We are back on the topic of Norwegian Getaway today, why? because I wanted to share this video with you all.

Guest blogger, Scott, worked long and hard putting this video together so I thought it only right it should take centre stage in a blog post. The images used were taken by both Scott and I so slightly different to the album you can view on the CruiseMiss Facebook page.

To go back to what I said a blog post or two ago, Norwegian Getaway really was a wonderful ship. She had more than enough features and facilities to keep everyone happy both young and old. I suspect those that travel on her with children may never see them again once they step aboard as the kids facilities were pretty awesome!

Anyway enough typing and talking let’s watch the feature presentation!

Enjoy! 🙂

Authors: Danielle & Scott

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  1. Nicholas Parisi says:

    NCL “Getaway” is the largest and tallest ship sailing in the Baltic Sea. That has its advantages in great weather. However when the winds pick up the “Getaway” can’t make some ports. Captain explained the 16 desks acts like a sail and would blow the ship into shallow water. Didn’t NCL consider that before moving the “Getaway” into the Baltic, after all they cancelled our first two ports and sat us in the Baltic Sea for days.
    When things go as planned NCL delivers. It’s when weather or plans change NCL makes mistakes putting
    “Profits First over passenger satisfaction”

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