Ultimate Guide To Cruising

Royal-Caribbean-Allure-of-the-SeasTaking a cruise for the first time can lead to all sorts of questions. I remember preparing for my first cruise, I really didn’t have any idea what to pack or what extra costs to take into consideration. I relied heavily on online guides and information and had it not been for those guides I am positive I would have done everything wrong.

Almost every website on the internet that relates to cruise offers a ‘New to Cruising’ guide and some are far better than others. I personally like this Ultimate Guide to Cruising simply because it offers advice on things those new to cruising would never even dream about considering. For example it highlights what you should pack in case you wish to visit religious sites during your cruise, even I don’t have anything like this on my blog yet I always visit religious sites during my travels. It also has a list titled the ‘Anti Packing Checklist – What to Leave at Home’ – This is a great one! Again something I have never really touched on within my blog. Although I do like this list and some items it mentions like washing powder for example are definitely something you don’t need to pack, there is one point I disagree on and that is leaving the hairdryer at home. Sorry but most of the time the hairdryers onboard are pretty powerless and for someone like myself with extremely thick hair I need something with a bit of a kick so ladies, pack the hairdryer! It might take up a good deal of space but you will thank me for it later.

The ‘Legal Matters’ section again I think is something different, it offers advice for questions such as do UK laws apply onboard a Costa-Deliziosacruise ship and what if I have an accident aboard the ship. I think the point about UK laws is a very good one. During my travels I have heard many a passenger talk about something that has happened onboard and then referred to how the law on that would stand on land. I think sometimes people forget once you are at sea things change, you take maritime law into consideration and once you start crossing into international waters things change again. Although not something many of us discuss in great detail I like the fact that this information is easily accessible.

I could go on and on about this, it really does cover more or less everything you could want to know. Give it a quick look, it might answer some questions you have! Don’t forget to have a look through my own New to Cruising section too especially the Packing The Not So Obvious For Your Cruise article which highlights some things definitely worth thinking about!

Author: Danielle

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