Cruising Like A Norwegian

S692_NCL_Getaway@Meyer Werft_07-11-2013 Next in the spotlight it is Norwegian Getaway as she sails into Southampton on January 14th for her inaugural celebrations.

I have been looking forward to the 2-night cruise on her since September and it’s almost here! Norwegian Getaway shall not only be the largest ship I will have sailed on but probably the most elaborate too. I’m looking forward to exploring her, but I worry that I won’t actually know where to start – Everything looks so interesting!

One place I know will be near the top of my list is Carlo’s Bake Shop. Even with all the will in the world I couldn’t walk passed that one! I want a Cannoli so bad.

The Aqua Park is also up there near the top, top of my list as well as the ship! I’m not sure it will get much use saying as it’s bound to be FREEZING outside, but that won’t stop me having a look around, I’m quite happy to freeze over for the sake of good pictures and the chance to explore.

If I am entirely honest the biggest thing for me with this ship is going to be the food. I am super interested to see what’s on offer. I Getaway-osheehans-pub-and-grillheard nothing but good things about Norwegian Breakaway and have several friends who would, hands down, say NCL are the best when it comes to not only the choice of food but the quality. Every restaurant looks tempting, I’d like to think that the only disappointing aspect will be the fact that two days just won’t be long enough to try them all. Not sure which I am looking forward to the most but I will say that O’Sheehan’s and The Tropicana Room are jumping out at me more than others.

My cabin is still a mystery at the moment, I wonder what it shall be. Even with accommodation onboard there seems to be a never ending selection! There are studio cabins, inside cabins, outside cabins, balcony cabins, spa balcony cabins, spa mini-suite cabins, mini-suites, Haven spa suite, Haven courtyard penthouse, Owners suite and Haven deluxe owners suite and just for the record no! That’s not even all of them! OK, so I’m not expecting a suite, but to be honest even the standard inside cabins on this ship look good.

Entertainment, well we all know by now it’s not something I really do, it’s not a big part of why I cruise but I need to let you in on a little secret……I am really looking forward to the Illusionarium! The dedicated Norwegian Getaway website mentions it in a way that fills me with such intrigue. It reads – “Built in the late 1800s by the brilliant Professor Vernon Royce, the Illusionarium and its mesmerizing design is a place of amazement and wonder. Once inside, you’ll enjoy a remarkable entertainment and dining experience while you’re transported to a fantasy world like no other. Along the way, you’ll meet a cast of interesting characters and witness world-class magicians, illusionists and mentalists making this a memorable – and magical – experience for all.”

Norwegian Getaway - IllusionariumWho wouldn’t want to pop their head in and see what it was all about? I don’t think I’ll ever be 100% won over by the entertainment on any ship to be honest. Most of the time it’s got nothing to do with what’s actually on offer it’s the fact I’m stuck inside missing out on the beauty of our open oceans. Who knows maybe one day I will venture indoors more of an evening, but I can’t see it any time soon.

So there we go…..21-days until Norwegian Getaway (20 until I am in Southampton) and my first taste of cruising like a Norwegian. I’m not one for all the weird and wonderful features and facilities, but I am very much looking forward to my time aboard and you never know I might shock everyone and myself and return from the trip a convert!

Until my next blog – MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!!! 🙂

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Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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3 comments on “Cruising Like A Norwegian
  1. Chuck Botts says:

    If you don’t sleep at all during the 2 day sail, there’s still not enough time to successfully tour the entire ship. Better get on the list for another cruise.
    PS If you are going by something you go PAST it, not passed. (Sorry, the proofreader in me.)

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