Crew Members That Leave A Lasting Impression

OceanaBlogThe crew, where would we be without them? Nowhere, basically! I have met some amazing crew members over the last 6 years and some of them really stick in my mind and for various different reasons. Some became good friends, friends that I talk too regularly when I am back at home, whether it be via a quick phone call when they are back in Southampton, a quick text message or a hello how are you? on Facebook. Others I met once and have never seen again, but they too left an impression.

These are some of those crew members that stick out in my mind!

The entire team on one bar back in 2011, every single member of crew on that bar made our cruise, they really did! They were such a nice group that on the day of my friend’s birthday they went and took a plate and some small cakes from the buffet, arranged them at the bar and wrote happy birthday in syrup around the edge of the plate. They then set it upon the bar with balloons, fresh fruit, flowers and a special milkshake each and then all sang happy birthday to Cruise-Ship-Birthdayher along with the other passengers that were out on the deck! You tell me where else you would get that from a group of people that 2 weeks previously had been complete strangers? The woman who was in charge of the bar at the time makes the BEST Strawberry Daiquiri’s! Just had to mention that! 😉 In fact they are so good that if I know she is on the ship ill purposely go to whichever bar she is working at and order from her. In January that meant going up and down 3 flights of stairs but it was so worth it!

The magic man on Oceana! He really was magic! He had us all scratching our heads in total disbelief at the tricks he would perform. The best one being where you touch a light bulb, the bulb goes out and your fingers become the source of the light, you know the one right? He stood and done that in the middle of the atrium, I still can’t figure out how, unless the bulb was twisted so lose it only took a slight touch for it to go off? I really don’t know, but he was good and several of us passengers visited Explorers daily just to see what else he would do.

CaribbeanThis story is a little different, I am not going to say where we were or upon which ship – you’ll understand why once I tell the story! We had a slightly later stay in port so obviously took full advantage of it. As we made to leave and head back toward the ship two crew members passed us who we knew to be security officers, I said to my friend ‘by they are cutting it fine aren’t they’ she turned to look and said ‘oh yeah they should be heading back’. We made our way down the street and as we waited to cross the road the two crew members approached my friend and asked if we were heading back to the ship, she said yes. The female officer then said do you mind if we come with you as we can’t find it! What?? Are you being serious?? She was being deadly serious, they couldn’t figure out how to get back to the ship! We were only a short walk from it, it was about 4 stories taller than any other building around the port yet they couldn’t find it. All I can say is that they clearly had enjoyed their time ashore! We made eye contact with the female crew member the following day as we scanned off the ship, she smiled, we smiled – that was the end of that.

If I went through each and every crew member that has left a lasting impression on me I would be here until New Year’s Eve, I really would! Whether they became friends or I met them just once and have never seen them again, they in one way or another had an impact on my overall cruise experience and I am grateful for that.

The crew on these ships work so hard, they sacrifice a lot yet they always greet you with a smile.

Thank you to you all!!! 🙂

Author: Danielle

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  1. nealberk says:

    It is always amazing how far the crew on ships go to make you feel at home. We have had some average crew, some very good ones, and a few who were so exceptional that we cannot forget them decades later.

    You don’t mention which ship’s bar you had the great reception in. Care to tell us or is it a secret? 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Diana ass waitress on the Emerald Princess, always had a smile and went out of her way a very nice young lady

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