DFDS Seaways King and Princess

Orca-Wildlife-Centre-King-SeawaysYesterday I returned from a wonderful Amsterdam short break with DFDS Seaways. This was my second time sailing with the company and again I was pleasantly surprised. I made my outward journey aboard King Seaways and my return journey aboard Princess Seaways.

I left Port of Tyne on Thursday aboard the King and I have to say I really did like the ship! I spent over an hour in her onboard Orca Wildlife Centre – I loved it! It was a great space offering education on our marine life, how you can help save it along with a TV that was playing numerous documentaries about Dolphins, Whales and other sea creatures. It was very interesting and my kind of thing so I quite happily sat in there soaking it all up with a beverage from the Sport’s Bar, which was just a few feet away!

The bar areas onboard King Seaways were plenty as were the dining choices, for a ferry that offers guests a mini-cruise where King Seaways Barusually they spend no more than 2-nights aboard there was more than enough to keep you happy and you definitely couldn’t experience it all that’s for sure. Her onboard shopping area was jam packed with all kinds of goodies from Pandora Charms to M&M’s, the little seating areas on each deck were also nice. A few tables and chairs where you could just relax and watch the world go by, again a better feature than the long bench type sofas on Princess Seaways that you could only endure for a few minutes before moving to somewhere more comfortable. I really liked the Sport’s Bar, it had a nice atmosphere and you could grab a beverage and hot dog or popcorn before making your way to the Compass Bar, Navigator Bar or even the Casino.

I enjoyed an evening meal and breakfast in the 7 Seas Buffet Restaurant on both crossings, I got the best of both worlds really as I got a chance to see how the two compared between the King and the Princess. On the Thursday evening (King) I tried the chicken from the kids section, I know, I know! It was actually REALLY tasty though! I also grabbed a few chips, some cheese and DFDS-7-Seasbutternut squash pasta and some vegetables. There was a lot on offer, but because of my pickiness I did struggle somewhat. I was dying to try the crayfish but wasn’t entirely sure I could eat it without embarrassing myself so I gave that one a miss. There was also vegetable lasagne, fresh salad, seafood, fresh breads, deserts and other wonderful tummy delights. On my return journey aboard Princess I have to say the variation of food was much better, I enjoyed a delicious roast turkey dinner with gravy, vegetables and roast potatoes. I enjoyed it so much I went back for seconds!! I had the same breakfast on both crossings. Toast with beans and a little scrambled egg. I can’t eat a lot of egg but it looked so good on King I had to try it, it was perfectly cooked!! On Princess however it was not as nice. Quite watery and I left the majority of it.

The first time I set eyes on a cabin aboard a ferry I got the fright of my life, but then again we don’t go to spend a week there do we. This time was no different, my cabins on both crossing were small but perfectly clean. They do have pretty comfortable beds aboard DFDS I must say and the nice white bed linen is an added comfort bonus!

I have done three crossing with DFDS Seaways now and honestly, I think it is one of the easiest ways to enjoy a short trip. There’s King Seaways Deck Informationno hassle, I was checked in and onboard within 15 minutes at Port of Tyne and check in at Ijmuiden took no more than 30-minutes. It’s convenient, it’s easy and it’s a good way to enjoy a short trip without the hassles of airports.

Hopefully in 2015 I can return to Amsterdam with DFDS, my friend and I are already talking about going for maybe 2 or 3 nights and I would also quite like to do the crossing to Denmark from Harwich. If you are looking for a short break then I would definitely say hop aboard a DFDS ferry and you won’t be disappointed.

Next I will bring you my Amsterdam adventure! 🙂

Author: Danielle

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