A Sunrise At Sea

I manage to catch almost every sunset on my cruises but rarely do I get up in time to see the sunrise, which is a shame really as I think it is the best time of the day onboard! Aside from one or two other passengers and a few crew members here and there, everyone else is tucked up in their beds fast asleep (I am usually one of them) and the ship feels like it is entirely yours.

I tend to only see the sunrise because I can’t sleep. I can find myself wandering the ship at 4am looking for something to do. I manage to entertain myself, usually with games on my phone, until that first ray of light peeks through the windows and then I head out onto one of the open decks. Deck 7 if it is a morning slightly on the chilly side. I can stand there doing nothing other than watching the colours change, feeling the temperature start to slowly increase and then all of a sudden an entire new world appears as if by magic. It’s breath-taking! I love the feeling of absolute freedom that it gives.

I have shared a lot of sunset images with you, but today I wanted to share some of the sunrise images I have taken over the last few years. Enjoy!


This was taken just a few weeks ago on my Oceana cruise. We were arriving in Gibraltar at the time and the sunrise was beautiful.


The sun coming up against Lisbon in July 2012. You can just make out the 25th of April Bridge in the background. It was an incredibly warm day!


This was taken in January just as we were beginning our transit through the Gatun Locks in the Panama Canal. What an experience that was!

Atlantic Ocean-Sunrise

This was taken somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean as we made our way back to Southampton from the Caribbean in January.


The sun coming up above MSC Opera.


The lovely view as we approached Casablanca, Morocco


The sunrise is Ponta Delgada was beautiful. I love the way the sun reflects off the white buildings and boats giving them the look that they are glowing!


The sun coming up above my first EVER Caribbean port, Antigua!

I hope you enjoyed that little selection. As I said, it’s a miracle I have any at all 😉

Author: Danielle

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