For One Cruise Only The Entire Ship Is Yours

Ventura-FjordsImagine you could board your favourite cruise ship and just for one day have free run of everything! No other passengers to get in your way, just you and a hand full of essential crew members that would sit back and let you do anything your heart desired (aside from jump overboard) – what would you do?

I guarantee at least half of us at some point ask ourselves what it would be like with no other passengers onboard. Just me, the ship and whatever I want to do. When I first thought about it I didn’t really know what I would do, the possibilities could be endless, but once your mind starts to think about it that’s it, there’s no going back and some can become quite stupid! Well mine can!

What would I do?

In the ship’s theatre I would put on something like Mariah Carey’s #1’s album and sing every single song as loud as my lungs would let me! I like singing, not saying I can sing, but it would be nice to just let it all out! No need to worry about an audience (or the neighbours) it would just be you, the empty chairs and a big open space.

I would go to the ship’s bridge (obviously) and with the help of one of those essential crew members, I would steer the ship, afterwardsCruise-Ship-Bridge-View letting my adrenalin rush wear off with a quick rest in the Captain’s chair! I have often joked that I could quite happily put a chair on the bridge and just sit there for hours, doing nothing but looking out of the windows. I am incredibly lucky to have visited several times and quite informally and this is definitely my favourite place onboard!

One would play bar tender for a while too, until I either created something truly vile or smashed something, then I would move on, pretending I had never been there in the first place!

I would explore every last inch of the “restricted” areas. To be honest I think we would all do that. Being told not to “access crew areas even if invited to do so” really does have a way of MAKING you want to go! I have been “below deck” but I didn’t see everything. Having visited the engine control room previously I would this time aim for the engine room. That would be at the top of the list I think.

I would put towels on ALL of the sunbeds, just because I could! 😉

Making my way to the spa, upon arrival I would help myself to the beauty treatments, throw on a face mask here, a mud wrap there. Maybe sit in the sauna and see how long it takes before the mud dries and I can’t move. A visit to the spa for me could never be a serious one! It would all be entirely experimental stupidity!

OceanSunsetAfter an evening visit to the bridge I would bring my day of antics to an end by enjoying my slumber on the open deck. Watching the sunset and dreading the next day when once again I would have to share my beloved ship with hundreds of other people.

I could allow my list to go on and on, we actually could be here until tomorrow so I shall leave it at those short few. It would be nice though, you have to admit, to have the entire ship just to yourself for one day!

So the burning question now is, what would you do?

Author: Danielle



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