Which P&O Cruises Ship Is The Best In The Fleet

A few days ago I started a general chat with friends on Facebook about P&O Cruises ships, this then led into a debate on which ship was the best in fleet. I asked people on twitter and then I put the question to the CruiseMiss Facebook audience and the response was fantastic! I could barely keep up with all the replies and comments.

It was just a little bit of fun, nothing too serious, but because so many people got involved I decided to put together a run-down of who was voted where, here goes!

In joint first place:

Ventura and Oceana


In second place:



In third place:



In fourth place:



In fifth place:



In sixth place:



There were also a lot of mentions from people who say Artemis and Canberra were their favourites and one person even said Britannia! I was really impressed with that last one! 😉

I also assure you that there was no vote fixing to ensure my two favourites came first! My all time favourite came fourth, Oriana.

Author: Danielle

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  1. Christine says:

    Please keep up to date etc with where p&o ships are. Like to know where friends are and very slow on letting website know. Christine.

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