Where Have All The Small Ships Gone?

Aqua-Park-Norwegian-BreakawayCruise lines keep building bigger and more innovative ships which is great, the demand for cruising is there and more people are getting involved. Just like many of you I enjoy having the extra facilities onboard the larger vessels, but I can’t help thinking about our small ships. Because everything is increasing in size where do our little ones now fit into this scenario?

The majority of small ships sailing our oceans are getting on a bit, they certainly won’t last forever and some of them desperately need to be replaced or completely overhauled. We still have smaller vessels that belong to the luxury cruise lines and expedition cruise lines that have many years left of sailing ahead of them, but not everyone can afford those kinds of cruises so where does that leave them?

We need someone to step up and build not only smaller ships but to also go back to a more contemporary ship before that aspect of cruising is gone forever. We don’t need an ocean full of them, just a handful would be nice. I assure you the berths would be filled!

Think of all those ports that are only accessible via small vessels, they are lost forever if we have no ship to get there. At this rate simplysilver_whisper_cruises because of the constant competition for size, all the ports will be the same, there won’t be anything “magical” about cruising to foreign lands anymore because every voyage shall mirror the last.

OK so the above may be an ever so slight exaggeration but it does carry some merit. What I am trying to emphasize is that I would like to think in 30 years’ time when I can hopefully afford a world cruise I will still have the choice between a ship the size of Queen Mary 2 or a much smaller vessel like Silver Whisper.  There are many ports that Silver Whisper can access that Queen Mary 2 can’t, I don’t want these opportunities to be missed by anyone and it would be a shame if they were nothing more than an “occasional” thought.

Let’s build a smaller version of Oriana, in our present time this type of build is what I would call unique and innovative because someone thought outside the box and went back to the classics. She would not be the size of a small country or have a water park devouring her upper decks. You would get exactly what you see, a comfortable, contemporary cruise ship sailing you in style to wherever it is on this wonderful planet you wanted to go.

OrianaBlogThe idea behind Titanic II is something I can appreciate, that type of ‘original pleasure cruising’ is something a lot of people would truly love to see revived, but just not in this way. They want a modern twist mixed with the contemporary classics, just like Oriana. For all his stupid ideas, Clive Palmer has at least planted a seed that someone else could easily come in, develop properly, tastefully and ultimately make it a reality.

Someone build us a smaller ship……please!

Author: Danielle

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  1. The concept of a small ship is relative, it means a differing definition to many people. We have truly small ships at micro-cruising.com as they are a maximum 130 passengers (hence micro) We have over 600 of them so they are definitely out there however they are usually owner operated and can’t compete with P&O marketing budgets. Generally the smaller the ship the more One pays however it is a different type of travel where the destination is the destination, not the ship being the destination. Each to their own.

  2. John Castillo says:

    We too sure miss the smaller (1000-1500) passenger ships. It give a better one on one feel.

  3. Mike Litherland says:

    We too prefer the smaller ships but that means that fewer passengers are paying the expenses. While the cost of meals and staff would be reduced pro rata, mooring fees and profits would be a larger burden for the passengers. The trade-in for this should be a more luxurious voyage. I’m all for that!

  4. Richard Hunt says:

    I agree. Much prefer a smaller ship. While the thought of an ice skating rink, bumper cars, 18 hole putt-putt course, etc. is impressive, it is still over the top on these ships. They don’t even look like ships anymore, they look like floating hotels. Give me something like the Oriana, or the QE2 any day. I don’t want the ship to be the destination, I want the destination to be the destination.

    1. Annette Keys says:

      I prefer the smaller ships, too. I don’t want to spend my time trying to find certain areas, i.e., dining, etc. I like the pool, lounging, dining, library, lounges, etc., but the rinks, climbing walls, etc. are not for me. Smaller ships are also more personal, and I find, service and food is better.

  5. Annette Keys says:

    I like the smaller ships; as I get older I find I can get around and see everything on them.

  6. sherry says:

    Your points are well taken as not everyone wants to sail on a megaliner. How can we get the cruise lines to listen????

  7. Bigger is not always better. I worked on big ships I worked on huge ships and 2 of the best ships I worked on were the smaller of the fleet at the time and that would be the Regal Princess and the Ryndam. The Ryndam was considerably smaller than the Voyager of the Seas and while not as loaded with amenities for pax and crew their was a closeness to us all that you could never enjoy on a Voyager class ship or a Norwegian Epic class ship.

  8. I’m worried that Celebrity Century will be next on the list to go.

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