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Ships-WakeThe UK has seen some beautiful weather over the last few weeks, in fact it has been so hot and humid I feel like I never left the Mediterranean.

All this sticky weather makes me think of air conditioning and how much we rely on it especially when cruising to hot and humid climates. The instant refreshing feeling you get of walking back inside the ship after several hours in the sun is sheer bliss.

During my last cruise my friend and I had an inside cabin, obviously the temperate in the room is regulated by the air conditioning unit but for a short while it just wasn’t cold enough. Several times during the night we woke up feeling like we were on a slow roast so we made the call to reception to have the temperature lowered. Along came the wizard and his magic box and suddenly our cabin was cool and breezy again.

A few days later though after several hours in the sun and shade then back in the sun again my friend decided she had endured enough and it was time to start getting ready for the evening. She left and I continued chatting to some friends we had made on board. Fifteen or so minutes later I too had to admit defeat and made my way back to the cabin. As soon as I opened the door I was aware there was NO breeze at all, I wanted to stay in the corridor! My friend popped her head round from the bathroom door and said “I can’t cope with this it’s so hot I can’t even bring myself to dry my hair”.

We were aware that many people had left their balcony cabin doors open, the wind was howling through the vents on the bottom ofInside-Cabin-Door their doors and we decided that whilst we wait for the wizard to reduce the temperature again we would steal the breeze from our neighbours by leaving our cabin door open. The air was blowing directly into our cabin but sadly it was at the same level as our feet.

I will admit proudly that for a few short seconds we both more or less sat outside the door of our neighbour’s cabin, lapping up the cold air as it gushed through the vents and all the while praying no one opened the door! That would have been a hard one to explain! When people started walking back and forth however we had to throw the towel in for that one but left our door open to still gather up the breeze.

I don’t know why all of a sudden it got so hot but eventually after playing with the hairdryer for what felt like a lifetime we were ready to leave the cabin. As we opened the door the wizard was there and I jokingly said please make it cold, -20 would be wonderful! I don’t know if he took that literally but on returning that evening the cabin was as chilled as a morgue, perfect!! We both had a pleasant evenings rest.

Today’s post is somewhat random and I’m not entirely sure what the point is to be honest, but if the winds howling through someone else’s door then leave yours open. If it sounds like it does in the below video then you are on to a winner my friend! 😉

Author: Danielle

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