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P&O-Cruises-Ventura-Port-SideHello from P&O Cruises, Ventura!

At present we are en-route to our first port of call, Valencia. We are due to arrive in port on Wednesday after having spent three days at sea. I figured because of all the “pre-port” time I have on my hands it would be a great opportunity to bring you up to speed with what’s been happening so far since leaving Southampton on Saturday.

A lot of people asked me to report back on the changes that were made during her recent refurbishment, and that’s exactly what I am going to do.

The Exchange bar, located on Deck 6, has had a huge transformation. Ventura’s recentVentura-Exchange-Bar refurbishment came with the addition of several solo occupancy cabins, these have been placed in what was a section of The Exchange bar. I must admit the change to the bar is quite drastic, a huge section is now gone. They have tried to create more seating by removing some of the slot machines in the casino, moving the black jack and roulette tables down and adding several tables and chairs. I’m still not entirely sure I like it but that could be because I knew what it was like before her refit, it will take some getting used too. What I will say though is that the bar is still as busy as ever and although not quite the same, it has actually improved the overall feel and look of her casino.

Self Service wine dispensers have been added to the Waterside buffet area, fabulous idea! I have come across a fair few passengers already who have used the machines and think they are wonderful so a huge thumbs up for that introduction.

Self-Service-WineThe Beachcomber Pool and Laguna Pool areas have also had a deck transformation in the shape of new flooring. Again for anyone that has cruised on Ventura in the past, you will remember the blue cladding that was introduced on top of the existing flooring. This was to try and stop people slipping when the floor was wet. The deck is now the same wood cladding as you will find on the promenade deck and it looks so much better. It smells better too!

The atrium has had the introduction of a dance floor like that of sister ship, Azura. This looks great, much better than the carpet that was there previously and it actually makes the space feel slightly bigger.

The library and Cyber-study have been combined into one space, where the Cyber-study was originally. The space that was the library is now the perfume shop.

Frankie’s bar and grill and pizzeria located around the Laguna pool are now simply known as the Poolside Grill and Poolside Pizza & IcePoolside-Grill Cream. I am sure this change is not something that will make a difference to anyone but it’s a change none the less so I thought I should mention it.

I am yet to explore properly the Glass House and the Retreat so these will come in another blog. Don’t worry I didn’t forget!

Ventura was my favourite ship and I can honestly say she still is. It feels so good to be back on board! Our weather today is sunny with scattered clouds and it’s getting warmer by the hour.

I shall check-in with you all again very soon!

Author: Danielle

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  1. wendy james says:

    Want a picture of the combined library and computor area, a yone got one please

  2. Diane & Mike Matthews says:

    We are now looking forward to our 3rd Ventura Cruise with you, our first cruise to the Med 3 years on this
    ship, and last year we were on it for the Norway & it did not let us down it was very good,allso went on the Oceana to the Caribbean very nice, & went to the med on the Azura last Dec very good, well must go now to do some packing for the 13th July it won,t be long now , 🙂

  3. We remember the Ventura with great affection.

    So I really appreciate your taking the time to describe the changes brought about by the re-fit.

    Looks like we’be found the perfect excuse to find out for ourselves though…

  4. Pleased to hear you are enjoying Ventura, Danielle. Look out for Tom Burke, on the same cruise, blogging here: http://tomscruiseblog.co.uk/2013/06/16/ventura-2013-changes-in-the-refit/

  5. Great first post Danielle. We love Ventura too and it sounds like the changes are for the better. Don’t forget the huge crack that opened up last year across Beachcombers and so this was probably a great excuse to improve the flooring.Have a wonder ful time, and look after ‘her’!

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