Disconnect From The World And Reconnect With You

keep-calm-there-is-no-internetOne thing I will always enjoy about cruising is the limited connection to the outside world. I actually hope technology does not become advanced to a point where the internet on board can be free and accessible 24 hours a day.

I know we can currently access the internet on board easily to an extent, but it can be temperamental, slow and it is still quite expensive. These three factors make it unpractical to use around the clock like we would our own connection at home, or so I thought!

During my cruise with MSC Cruises I was shocked at just how good the Wi-Fi was and not just when I connected via my laptop. Even the signal to my mobile phone was impressive. I was pleased, obviously, that my connection was strong as it allowed me to share the cruise with you all but at the same time it worried me.

If this is the future of on board technology then I’ll never ‘switch off’. Gone will be the days of hunting out the nearest Wi-Fi café whilst ashore and figuring out what time of the day seems to offer the strongest signal while cruising. They will all be a distant memory. Although I do blog when I cruise and stay connected with you all, being at sea forces me to an extent to wind down because of the connection limitations. It pains me sometimes to not be able to use my phone or get an internet signal whilst at sea but if it that ‘down time’ was not forced upon me I’d still try and do as I do every day and never take a break. I know some people will think even whilst I cruise I am still online a lot, and you are right, but it’s not half as much as I am when back on dry land.

When I return from a cruise I sometimes feel like I have woken up in a different time period. I feel like I have missed so much of what’s blackberry-with-no-internetbeen going on in the world and to be honest I kind of like that feeling. Because the connection is not as easily available at sea I don’t always have the opportunity to catch up on world news and affairs. At home I have various apps that keep me updated and alerts set up for different things so in a sense the news comes to me, it’s so easy! At sea though, I don’t want this. I enjoy not knowing for a little while.

The point of today’s blog is that it’s nice to be disconnected. No mobile phone, no laptop…..nothing! They may be on the ship but they spend more time switched off than switched on. We don’t NEED to have a connection around the clock and it’s OK to take a break. If you disconnect yourself from the world you really do get a chance to reconnect with you. Use this time wisely, it’s precious!

Author: Danielle

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