A Simple Evening At Sea

Cruise-Ship-Mediterranean-SeaWe were sailing through the Mediterranean Sea, the sun was just starting to set and I had the entire deck to myself. This is the life, I thought. Nothing but ocean for miles around, no noise and nothing spoiling the view. It’s a feeling that never gets old.

On this particular evening it was warm outside and there was only a gentle breeze. I found myself on deck 16 and decided I would use the time to take five minutes for myself and enjoy nothing but the sound of the ocean. I can’t begin to tell you how peaceful it was. The view was amazing. I could see for miles around and I had a pretty good bird’s eye view of the mid-ships section of the Lido deck too. Always great for people watching.

After a few minutes I made my way down to the bar to grab a drink and take it back up with me. When I returned, still there was nobody else to be seen. I made myself comfortable and to be honest I don’t even think I had any thoughts. I was so content at this moment that my entire mind was simply empty. I only ever get that feeling when I am at sea, I am sure a lot of you can probably relate.

I had sat for quite some time when another ship suddenly appeared on our Starboard side. She looked what I can only describe to you as “pretty”. She was glowing as she sailed, her reflection glistening off the ocean as she made her way slowly to her next port of call. I think the only down side to a cruise is that you can’t see the ship you are on in the same way, without having to involve a search and rescue team of course!

By now I must have been sitting here for at least 90 minutes and aside from one wandering passenger I had not encountered another P&O-Cruises-Oceana-Mid-Shipssoul.

When it comes to some things, I admit I am a typical woman (only some things, I must stress!) and occasionally something like nail colour needs to be re-touched during a holiday. I decided now would be the perfect time. I could sit in peace in the open air, instead of passing out from the fumes in my cabin, and they would be dry in no time because of the warm night air. I don’t know what happened but as soon as I started painting it felt like the entire ship descended upon my deck. Yes, the deck was now mine, I had been here so long I was demanding squatter’s rights and I wanted these people to get out of my space.

To be honest it had nothing to do with them shattering the peace, they were all relatively quiet and simply just passing through on their post dinner stroll. I was undertaking a work of art here though, I needed to concentrate on the nail and not the finger. Ladies, are you with me? There’s more to nail painting than meets the eye! 😉

Eventually all was silent again and peace was restored to my abode. I had completed my task, finished two drinks and grabbed some pretty incredible photographs. In all it had been a most pleasant evening. The type of evening that sends me back to sea time after time. I spent just over two and a half hours up there on my own and I wasn’t bored or restless for a second, I can’t stand to sit inside and watch shows when I can be outdoors breathing in all of the above!

Mediterranean-Sea-SunsetIt may seem like today’s post goes nowhere as such but, quite the contrary. There were approx. 2000 passengers on board and just under 1000 crew, yet for over an hour I only came across one other person. It’s a nice reminder to us experienced cruisers and a document of proof to a non-cruiser that regardless of the ship, you can ALWAYS find space for YOU and remain undisturbed at least once a day!

Author: Danielle

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