One Day A World Cruise

Great-Wall-of-ChinaWorld Circumnavigation, those two words together send thousands of images shooting through my mind all at the same time. It’s like a race across the globe in a split second without even leaving my chair.

For me a world cruise will be the ultimate experience, it’s my life’s goal I suppose you could say. I one day hope I am lucky enough (and wealthy enough) to embark on a voyage that would see me at sea for several months and taking in some of the best destinations our planet has to offer.

Up to now I must admit I don’t think I have done badly at all when it comes to travel, I have visited so many wonderful places but I always feel like I need to be out there seeing more. My only concern however regarding a world cruise would be how do you possibly cope once back home? I almost fell apart after 5 weeks in the Caribbean let alone 2 or 3 months sailing around the world!

Every time P&O Cruises release their world cruise itineraries I find myself spending forever looking at the ports of call. In fact I am on the website now looking at Aurora’s 2014, 109-night world cruise. Yes, if I was able to do this trip one day then it would most certainlyP&O-Cruises-Aurora be with P&O Cruises, I can’t help myself!

These are some of the ports on the Aurora cruise: Nuku Alofa – Tongatapu, Tonga, Whitsunday Islands – Australia, Hong Kong – China, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, Colombo – Sri Lanka, Reunion – Madagascar, Cape Town – South Africa, Luderitz – Namibia, Halong Bay – Vietnam and San Juan Del Sur – Nicaragua.

That’s just a tiny section of where she will be going and that little snippet alone is enough to make me want to get going right this very second. Can you imagine waking up in some of those places? I can but at the same time I can’t. Before my Caribbean cruise I felt the same way, you would see images of the destinations and think, boy I wish that could be me one day. Even when my Caribbean cruise was booked still didn’t quite believe I was going, neither did my friend. It only became real once we boarded the ship in Southampton. It wasn’t exactly a world cruise but it was still a mammoth trip, one that we were very lucky indeed to be able to do.

I know a few people that have done world cruises with P&O and not just once either, some have now done several and have plans to do more. The stories and photographs they come back with only fuel my ambition to one day do it myself.

Sydney-AustraliaIf you hadn’t already figured it out, my blog today is a public announcement that I want to do a world cruise. So, now my question to you is who’s coming with me? (Well we have to try and keep the costs down! 😉 )

Author: Danielle

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