Onboard Action and Adventure

My little brain was ticking over yesterday and I thought to myself ‘I wonder why cruise lines don’t offer a bigger selection of ‘games’ on-board’.

CluedoNow I know on some vessels it would be impossible to do some things but the mid-sized ships could easily offer a real life version of something like Cluedo (I think in the US you call this Clue) but without the real life murder of course!

Think about it for a second, it would be something different that’s for sure and I know there would always be a line of people waiting to participate. You could easily run something like this whilst public areas involved were in use for other things as it’s not intrusive or loud and it’s a continuously moving game. I would enjoy it that’s for sure and it beats playing some of the other games that are offered.

Hotels sometimes offer this to their guests so why can’t cruise lines throw it in too! Just follow the rules and ideas from the board game and off you go! – It was Captain Birdseye in the buffet with a bread roll – easy! I know some ships have done similar things in the past but come on, introduce these activities a little more, passengers I am sure would love them.

Another thing I thought of was Laser Quest, who remembers this? The lights would be dimmed and you would run around in the dark trying to shoot people (not literally!) and when you were hit with the laser beam your vest would vibrate. I think you would then have to hide until it charged up again or it would drain your gun of all power so you would have to re-charge it? I can’t remember that bit exactly but, it’s a bit like paint ball but without the paint and it’s played in the dark rather than outside. OK, actually it’s nothing like paint ball but the objective remains the same.

This would be a great idea on a ship. We have more than enough basketball courts and sports nets, let’s use that space for something else and build a futuristic glow in the dark friendly fire complex.

My friends and I used to love this as kids and it was great exercise. You sometimes felt like you were in a Star Wars movie when theDARKSTAR-ULTIMATE-LASER-TAG music kicked in and the lights started flashing different colours. You would catch a glimpse of the enemy from the corner of your eye and take off running all the while checking you were not heading straight into a trap. It was brilliant and we would spend hours there on a Saturday afternoon.

I don’t know where these thoughts came from in all honesty but you have to agree they would be very interesting and I imagine something like Laser Quest would be just as attractive to the adults as it would be to the kids!

If they can fit in a full size bowling alley then by jingo they can make room for the above! 😉

Author: Danielle


Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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3 comments on “Onboard Action and Adventure
  1. Fantastic ideas Danielle. I like the sound of Laser-Tag at sea! Who knows what we could find on cruise ships over the next decade or so!

  2. What great ideas Danielle! I would love to see a life size chess game too. Carnival started this kind of idea on the Breeze when they teamed up with Hasbro.
    I have another idea of a fun cruise activity but this would be more of a theme cruise. I may save this for a post of my own or even to set this up and make it a reality.

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