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Carnival-Cruise-Lines-LegendAhhh Cozumel! The day that we had planned as a beach day and what happened, the Carnival Legend pulled up next door and it started raining! OK I can’t blame the Legend as it only rained briefly and it was still so muggy and warm it felt like you could barely breathe.

We made our way out of the cruise terminal and down to where we would catch a cab to the Nachi Cocom Beach Resort.

Nachi Cocom had actually been recommended by a friend of mine, Travel Shop Girl, who also blogs on all things travel. I took her advice and booked my friend and me a spot online before we left for the cruise. Anyone else that wants to visit here you must book BEFORE you leave, Nachi is reserved for just 100 people per day and you can’t just turn up.

Our deposit was $10 each which left $45 each to pay once we got there and trust me for what’s included, $55 was an absolute steal. You had full use of the beach and pool facilities, a three course lunch which was served to you on the beach or you could eat inside if you prefer and unlimited drinks, alcoholic and soft drinks. It also included sun beds, umbrellas and hammocks. The only extras you had to pay for were water sports and massages if you wanted them.

We arrived to nothing basically; you entered through what resembled a gap in the treesNachi-Cocom-Cozumel-Mexico but once through and into the complex, wow! It was like something you only ever see on TV. We paid the remaining balance at the front desk then we were introduced to a gentleman who would show us to our loungers and be our waiter for the day.

The beach was gorgeous; there was ample space between loungers so you didn’t feel like you were on top of each other. We had beautiful coconut trees behind us and then palms with bright coloured hammocks just waiting for you to sit in and then fall out. It was perfect!

We made ourselves right at home, had a little wander down the beach (picking up small shells as we went) then returned to our loungers ready to spend a few hours just doing nothing. That was until we were approached by one of the water sport salesmen. I said before the cruise I really wanted to hire a jet ski so, I haggled with him a little on the price and how long I could use it for. Eventually we reached an agreement and off I went.

Jet-Ski-Nachi-CocomThe water was crystal clear, some parts you could see right to the bottom but it was starting to get a little on the choppy side. I would take myself along the beach to the resort next door, which was absolutely jammed! Looked like they were having some kind of Spring Break all on their own and in January. Once I reached the furthest point I would turn and race back along the coastline to the other end. The wind was blowing behind me by this point so you could pitch up and leave the water quite nicely; going back the other way to do it all again was the hard part though. The waves were coming towards you and a few times I got a face full of water, to turn and pull the throttle right back again though was worth it….I was off! Checking as I went obviously that there was nothing I could collide with.

Once my time was up I made my way back to the shore, jumped off and handed back my lifejacket. By this time we were getting close to lunch so decided we should probably eat as we intended to leave no later than 2 so we could also enjoy the town around the port. We ordered our food, a few more drinks and enjoyed 15 minutes lazing in the hammocks.

When the food came I was shocked! All of this food for two people I said! We had deep friedNachi-Cocom-Food cheese sticks, my friend ordered guacamole and they came with a huge bowl of nachos, then we both ordered the shrimp which again there was so much of. It was delicious! We didn’t order a desert, some people did but this was more than enough for us. I was in my element with my shrimp, they weren’t fully shelled though so that was a bit tricky but the flavour when you finally got to eat a bit was worth it. The menu was nice though; there were many different things from authentic Mexican cuisine down to your average cheeseburger which the kid with the family next to us seemed to thoroughly enjoy!

Feeling slightly full we relaxed a little more, enjoying the sights and sounds and watching the birds play between the trees. It was a wonderful place and I will go there again if I ever go back to Cozumel. You should check it out!

Fat-Tuesday-Cozumel-MexicoOnce back around the port we decided to take a quick trip to the ship to dump our beach bags and then it was time to do some shopping? Boy did we shop! I hadn’t expected to buy that many things here but it was hard not too! Everything was relatively cheap and the people were friendly. There were souvenir stores, jewellery stores a small market, really just about everything you could ever want or need was on this particular road opposite the terminal.

We made full use of it and the fact we didn’t sail until 8pm so we grabbed a drink ashore at Fat Tuesday and took a slow stroll back. I would point out that we had been back to the ship again since leaving the beach bags. We had bought so much we needed to offload some of it. I remember a day or so after Cozumel our deputy captain saying he watched us walking back along the pier with ten thousand bags in tow.

As we left Cozumel we looked forward to our next port, Jamaica and waved goodbye toHolland-America-Line-Westerdam Holland America Line’s, Westerdam, who had replaced Carnival Legend alongside earlier in the day.

I thoroughly enjoyed Cozumel, more than I expected. There were 7 ships in port that day but it certainly didn’t feel like it.

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Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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4 comments on “Caribbean Cruise Cozumel
  1. dorianseg says:

    I think I’d be marching back dragging 10,000 bags as well! Did you all any problems cramming all you’d bought into the cabin?

  2. Marian says:

    So glad you liked it! Love Nachi Cocom!

  3. Such a great blog! I will be in Cozumel in a few months and I’ve been trying to decide between Nachi Cocum and Passion Island as an excursion. I’m really leaning more towards Nachi Cocum after reading this. Thanks!

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