Madeira Cable Car

Well, I am back in the UK…….those five weeks went over a lot faster than I thought they would and I am already having cruise blues.

As you know I blogged live from the ship but really, there was so much more I could have told you about each place so I decided I would give you a more in depth port by port update now I am back on dry land. Plus I have HUNDREDS of video’s I need to share with you too for each place so……enjoy!!

Cable-Car-MadeiraFirst it’s Madeira, which was our first port of call. As I mentioned my friend and I tackled the famous cable car and I have to say it was an experience I enjoyed but one I’m not in a rush to try again!

We jumped on the shuttle bus and walked from where it dropped us in town to the cable car. It was quite a good walk so if you have any walking difficulties it may be worth jumping in a taxi.

We opted for the return trip on the car which was 15euro each. You can go one way and then get a toboggan back down the hill for an additional charge but I’m not that adventurous so round-trip it was.

It started out OK, I was quite calm and looking forward to the view but the higher we gotP&O-Cruises-Oceana-Madeira the more my body froze. I am terrified of heights and at one point just before we reached the top the drop felt like it was a thousand feet. All I could do was look right ahead, grip the seat for dear life and pray we made it to the top. At this point I obviously forgot I had to do it all again on the way back down.

The views across Funchal were wonderful! The red painted roofs scattered the hillside, it felt like there were millions of them, each a different shade to the one next door. The ship looked tiny from the top of the hill and as people lived right up in the hillside the sound of their cockerels singing and dogs barking was the music during your ascent. It was an experience I am glad I had considering it was my third time to Madeira and I had never been on the cable car. I opted for the dolphin watching on my previous visit which I would do again in a heartbeat!

Funchal-Madeira-Cable-CarI think 15 euro per person is a little steep, yes it was a great experience and lasted longer than I expected but I think the price was a little on the high side. I suppose they know tourists like me will pay it though so catch 22 on that one maybe.

Anyone visiting and thinking of this you really can’t miss it. You can see it from the dock, all the green prong type posts making their way up the hillside. The green roofed building at the bottom is where you catch the cable car from. Again those of you fit and well can do the walk no problem.

This was us leaving Funchal for the Caribbean on January 6th. Image courtesy of Jorge Ferreira.

We left Madeira on January 6th, ready to make our five day journey across the open Atlantic Ocean and onto the Caribbean where our first port of call would be Antigua.

Author: Danielle

Now time for some video! Enjoy!

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