Crossing The Atlantic

Today marks the start of our transatlantic crossing. We have another 4 days ahead of us until we reach the Caribbean and the best part about those days, we have to gain a few extra hours over the course of them which means extra sleep 😉

Our paper told us yesterday that today would be clear skies and an air temp of 18 degrees Celsius, at the current moment I feel they lied as it is overcast, rather windy and the ship is dancing around a little. It’s all good fun though, well I think so anyway.

We will reach of first Caribbean island on Saturday, that island will be Antigua. We have 4 port days in a row so it’s going to be a pretty hectic few days of adventure and new experiences. I really can’t wait to just get there and get the wheels in motion.

The cruise so far has been pretty good, maybe a few of my fellow passengers are grating my nerves but other than that all is good on Oceana. When I say grating my nerves I mean pressing to close the lift doors before you even have a chance to get in and then others trying to get in the lift before you have even had the chance to get out! PATIENCE, my fellow humans, just chill for one second and we can all go about our business in slow motion. Everyone seems to rush all the time but where are we rushing too? We are in the middle of nowhere!

Our cabin steward I think has some form of OCD, every time he comes in to tidy he re-arranges the toiletries in our bathroom, not that I’m complaining, at least he is doing his job properly and keeping everything clean but I just get used to where I “dumped” my things and it’s moved again……..maybe it’s a subtle hint 😉

The photograph just above and to the left was the sunrise at 8.17am this morning, I thought you would appreciate the beauty just as I did so loaded it into the good ole’ laptop and shared it with you.

Until I blog again……….have a good day! Will check back in soon.

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Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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2 comments on “Crossing The Atlantic
  1. Carol says:

    Really enjoying your blog, please keep it coming.
    Carol x

  2. CruiseMiss says:

    Having a few problems uploading the image. If you cannot see it, you can view it at

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