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British-PassportIt is getting ever closer! Only 33 days to go now until the Caribbean adventure and our cruise E-tickets are ready!

Getting that notification e-mail never gets old, when you find it sitting in your inbox you know it won’t be long before you are sailing off on yet another amazing cruise.

I must admit as much as I do like the whole “Go Green” system that seems to be in place these days I do miss receiving an actual ticket in the mail. I remember my first cruise, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with any aspect of it and when the tickets came it was more like a cheque book (that would be check book for my American readers) than a ticket to travel. I was impressed before I even left the house and still have it.

All the little things to check, print and organise before we set off add to the excitement. well they do for me and my document wallet is filling up quite nicely. Even saying that feels good, “document wallet” because usually as organised as I think I am I tend to just throw everything in my bag then worry about finding it when I actually get to Southampton. Not this time though, I am more organised than ever but the killer question is….will I remain that way?!

Next it’s time to tackle the luggage labels, I tend to use all that are sent out in the pre-P&O-Cruises-Luggage-Labelscruise booklet and then still print more. I always have two labels on each bag that way if one fell off between the coach and making it to my cabin there is still a back up in place. I would recommend everyone do this. I have seen people pushing bags through check-in with luggage labels attached that look like they have already seen half a dozen cruises. These are always the passengers that create such a commotion when their bags don’t make it to their cabin in good time. Label your bags CORRECTLY… makes life easier for everyone involved!

I always do one last double check of everything the night before I leave. I go over the ticket on the computer and compare it to the one I have printed just to double check there have been no changes. I make sure I have receipts with me for everything I have pre-booked. This including shore excursions, transportation and travel insurance. Once I am happy with all of the above I arrange my bag, checking and double checking I have my passport, foreign currency, booking confirmation and most importantly the keys to the lock on my cases. There is nothing worse than getting to your cabin and realising you forgot the keys!

If you need Visa’s and medical certificate’s for your journey remember to keep these with your passport and tickets, you may need to show these at check-in.

Obviously I am yet to do all of the above, which would be a little too obsessive even for me but, that’s how I go through it every cruise and this one shall be no different. Why not make yourself a document checklist like this one, that way you forget nothing!

  • Passports
  • E-Tickets
  • Luggage Labels
  • Shore Excursion Receipts
  • Medical Certificate’s and/or any other health documents (if needed and including vaccination certificate’s)
  • Visa’s (if needed)
  • Transportation Receipts
  • Foreign Currency/ Traveller’s Cheques
  • Suitcase Keys/ Pin Codes
  • European Health Insurance Card (UK Residents only travelling within the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland)
  • Confirmation of Cruise Booking
  • Travel Insurance Emergency Contact Number

24 Days until Christmas and 33 until the cruise…….It could be interesting packing for this one!

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One comment on “Cruise Document Checklist
  1. This is the part of being a travel agent I like the best. Don’t get me wrong, I like to find the trips/cruises that fit my clients and book them for the too. When it comes time to prepare the travel documents for my clients, that is where the real fun is.
    I print of their E-tickets for them along with their luggage tags, a pre-cruise checklist, a packing guide, and a few other extras. If my clients are traveling with their kids, I throw in vacation countdown calendar and a few extra special goodies just for the kids. I keep thinking as I prepare their documents how excited I would be when it arrives in the mail. I feel excited for them the whole time, almost like I am the one traveling.
    I think that this is something I can do to set me apart from other options that they have. Try to find a cruise line or other online booking site that does this for their customers.

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