Cruise Ship Nicknames

In life we come across people with nicknames, some are pretty good, others are just plain insane but either way someone has clearly loved that person enough to christen them with something other than what their mother gave them.

The same goes for cruise ships too. They may be christened, have their name sprawled across their bow and stern for all to see but that doesn’t necessarily mean she will stick with it.

Take for example Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth, she is more commonly referred to as the QE and this has been a nickname that has stuck with the vessel for many years, even when Cunard’s first Queen Elizabeth vessel was around in the 1940’s she was also known as the QE.

Of course some nicknames are made up between friends so are not as widely known but others seem to seed their way into the hearts of passengers from all over the world and the ship ultimately gets stuck with it.

These include:

Celebrity Constellation a.k.a. Connie (apparently she is also sometimes called Celebrity Constipation!)

Independence of the Seas a.k.a. Indy

Queen Mary 2 a.k.a. QM2 (A bit like her sister the QE)

Norwegian Epic a.k.a. Frankenship (or you can also refer to her as the one with the monobrow)

P&O Cruises Ventura a.k.a. the Big V

Costa neoRomantica a.k.a. Ugly (although in her defence when she sailed as Costa Romantica she was a very pretty vessel)

Any AIDA vessel a.k.a. Smiley…….This one is pretty obvious really!

These are ones many of us have heard of and probably more than once, but what about the ones that are a little more “out there”.

My friend and I now refer to MSC Lirica as MSC Spandex. This stemmed from a conversation in which she was wrongly addressed twice as MSC Lyrca. After we fixed the issue and chatted about Spanx it was decided that we would from that day forward call her MSC Spandex (thanks for the wine by the way MSC Cruises 😉 )

Another friend of mine has lovingly re-named Vision of the Seas, Ducky, and the Queen Mary 2 although elegant and beautiful is now referred to as Fatso.

I want to know what nicknames you have given your favourite cruise ship?

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