Best of Tortola

So our fourth and final excursion is now booked. Crazy really considering we had agreed not to do any and now we are doing four, what can I say, typical females but excursion shopping is so much fun!

The excursion is aptly named “Best of Tortola” and to be honest I think the title suits it well. My friend and I had planned to try and visit Cane Garden Bay on our own but yet again found another excursion that had just about everything we were looking for plus extra and it was reasonably priced!

This was the description:

Take a drive through the bustling capital of Road Town and up to Lower Estate. Your route will continue to Great Mountain along the Ridge Road, where you’ll find stunning views of the surrounding BVI islands. The white shores and myriad of blue and green waters are a photographer’s delight. Wend your way to Cane Garden Bay, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and browse Olivia’s Corner Store for some unique gift items.

Afterwards, take the winding picturesque route past Carrot Bay and Capoons Bay leading to Pusser’s Landing. Peruse the quaint boutiques and shops and capture pictures of this colourful marina. Alternatively, you may like to indulge in a famous ‘Pusser’s Punch’ at a nearby bar or simply relax and watch the world go by.

After your time at Pusser’s Landing, you’ll return to the ship via the scenic Sir Francis Drake’s Highway.

Sounds pretty good wouldn’t you agree?!

The other positive aspect of this trip is that time wise it is “just right”. Again it covers the things we wanted to see that were a little further away from the port but it also allows us more than enough time upon our return to the port to head off and do our own thing, this ideally being a visit to the local market.

I think it’s fair to say we have quite an interesting selection of excursions planned and I am eager to see what else we do when we actually get to the various ports. My friend is keen to do parasailing and I quite fancy renting a Jet Ski and then doing some snorkelling……I guess we will find out in the not too distant future!

Author: Danielle

Images and info courtesy of P&O Cruises

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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The Bay of Islands welcoming committee came out in full force to greet us this morning. It was breathtaking, there were #dolphins everywhere - even a baby came to greet us! #NewZealand #marinelife #BayOfIslands #paihia I have a massive fear of heights, but yesterday I put my big girl pants on and went up the #SkyTower in #Auckland #NewZealand. I was TERRIFIED, but I DID IT! The views are absolutely incredible and I was so happy the sky was clear. 
Fun facts:

It took two years and nine months to build, at a cost of NZ$85 million. 
It's 328 metres high

Has 1,267 stairs from the base to the Sky Deck

I went to 2 levels: Sky Deck at 722 feet and the Main Observation Level at 610 feet.
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