Private Roatan on The Wild Side

I think the name of this excursion says it all really and I have to admit I am really excited for this one!

My friend and I did have a half figured out plan as to what we would do whilst we were here but nothing was set in stone. It kind of consisted of check out the port area, maybe head over to the West End and check out some beaches, do some shopping and possibly find a local tour that was a bit more authentic and rustic.

We really could not settle 100% on anything for this destination then we came across the Shore Excursions Group website and found Private Roatan on the Wild Side.

For some reason I want to do as much as possible whilst I am on the beautiful island of Roatan. I have heard nothing but good things about this destination and I want to explore it ALL. I suppose it helps that the island in the grand scheme of things is so small you can fit quite a lot in, in one day.

So why did we pick this particular excursion, well, first of all the Monkeys. Who could NOT love that amazingly cute little face, I know they are said to be pretty mischievous and are very unpredictable but so are kids and most people still seem to like them. ;). The visit not only highlights White-Faced Capuchin and Black Spider Monkeys, of which you can really interact with but here you also have the opportunity to see Parrots, Deer and Coati, also known as the Brazilian Aardvark. For an animal lover like myself this was too tempting to pass up.

Next would have to be the visit to the West End of the Island, all I ever hear about Roatan is how amazing the beaches are so we figured considering some of the best are supposed to be in the West End and it was included in this excursion it seemed like a good place to visit. It had been one of the things on our list to do ourselves but this way seemed so much easier. It allows us to have the transport you see, rather than relying on taxi’s. We can then return to the port and go wherever our hearts desire once our excursion ends.

Last would be the Iguana farm, not something to be honest that I would usually look to do in an excursion but it has definitely started to grow on me. Yes the Monkey’s and beach were top of my list for this trip but I am quite intrigued to see this Iguana farm, not entirely sure I will feel the same enthusiasm by the time I actually get there but we shall see! The excursion description says:

“Your first stop is the Iguana Farm. The spiny-tailed iguana has long been the main ingredient in iguana stew, a local specialty. In 2004, the lizard was added to the endangered species list but unfortunately can still be found on local menus.

Luckily, more than 2,700 iguanas have made their way to the Iguana farm where they are free to roam without fear of becoming an entrée. Although wild, the Iguanas are very docile and allow visitors to get up close to touch them and for photos. The farm is also home to a small marine park, toucans and other local animals”.

Can you now see my ever so slight apprehension? I am not afraid of them, in fact I am more than happy to get right in there with them and see what they are like but, I shall NOT wear flip-flops on this particular day!

The thing I like about this excursion is that it is only 3 hours long, more than enough time to enjoy it; head back to the port and then again continue on our adventure by doing our own thing. Roatan is roughly 37 miles long and only 5 miles wide at its widest point; you really can cover quite a substantial amount of the island in one visit. It also means not the entire excursion is taken up by actually getting to the places it mentions, another bonus!

We found some great excursions on the website; I would definitely recommend others having a peek at what’s on offer. Obviously not every port of call in the entire world is covered but there was more than enough variety.

So, only 54 more days to go until we set off on our Caribbean adventure………………

Don’t forget the website – Shore Excursions Group

Author: Danielle


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