Cruise Memories and Mementos

We all love reliving our cherished cruising memories and it got me wondering whether I’m alone in the lengths I go to preserve my wonderful cruising moments and recreate the feelings they evoke.

I am, as anyone who has read my guest blogs here knows, a self confessed cruise-a-holic and have become quite obsessed with everything cruise related since my first cruise only two and a half years ago. I may be a relative new comer with only five cruises notched up so far, but my obsession is such that I profess to be something of an amateur cruise ship expert. Ask me the length of any ship and if I’m not exact in my estimation, I’ll be pretty darn close. Ask me what that blurry silhouette on the horizon is and I’ll be able to tell you if it’s a Grand, Solstice or Vista class. With the help of my cruise-addict smart phone apps, I’ll be able to tell you its name and where it’s going. My gallery of cruise ship photos is ever growing thanks to far too many bleary eyed mornings down the road at the port of Southampton. Whilst a quick look at my favourites list in my browser reveals page after page of nothing but cruise ship related links.

I know I’m definitely not alone in this level of addiction, but what lengths do you go to when you’ve come back from a cruise to relive your experience? This is where I think maybe my obsession takes me to a whole other level.

Naturally, like most of us, I bring back lots of little mementos of the cruise; fridge magnets, models, branded hats, t-shirts and fudge or biscuits that last only a matter of days. Simple things that offer a tiny little reminder of the cruise.

The things that really help my cruises live on bright and fresh in my memory are the photos. My five cruises have been preserved in varying levels of detail, with the photos and what I do with them evolving more or less in tandem with my interest in photography. The memories of my first cruise lived on through the plainest of photo books and a very basic DVD slide show. Neither took more than a couple of hours to create. However, with each cruise my creations have become ever more extravagant and time consuming as I try to come up with new and improved ideas.

I am now at a stage where my cruise photos make up calendars, mugs and framed enlargements. My slide shows are now true cinema style, blockbuster productions that I go to incredible lengths to present in their full glory with complimentary soundtracks, special effects, custom animations and informative credits. The attention to detail is lost on my wife who takes for granted the effort that goes into making the slides change exactly at the right beat of the backing music, with a subtle transition enhancing the moment. Or the pain I go to getting the panning effect just right on the shot of the scenery going by, helping to recreate that feeling of actually being on-board and sailing along that Fjord. She doesn’t understand why she can’t see the pictures for several weeks after the cruise, or why I’m locked away in the study until stupid o’clock every night until it’s done; seven or eight versions of the slide show later!

Then there’s the photo book. That requires many, many more nights locked away in the study, editing photos and putting something cohesive together that depicts the full story of the cruise sufficiently. Naturally the photo book can’t simply contain the same pictures as the slide show, what would be the point in that?! No, the same pictures that worked in the slide show panning, zooming or fading won’t necessarily work sat stationary on a page. Try explaining that to your other half when they haven’t seen you of an evening for 6 weeks after the cruise!

Of course, it all comes together and is worth the effort when you finally get to share the finished products with your cruise companions on a cruise reunion night.

Cruise Reunion Nights coming soon…………………:)

Author: Scott

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Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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One comment on “Cruise Memories and Mementos
  1. ria says:

    It certainly doesn’t take long for the bug to catch you, same here, about 2 years and 4 cruises notched up I am a little obsessed. I Mustn’t live too far from yourself Scott, I am in Hythe, when I stand on my bed and look out my window I have a fairly good view of the solent – which means i spend a fair amount checking whats going in and out! And as soon as I hear a ships horn, or a tannoy call (if the wind is going the right way) im straight onto my marine traffic app to see which ship it is (geek!). When heading into Southampton on a weekend I also try to look at all the ships berthed along the way and identify them before i see their names on the board! People I know think I’m really sad – which Is why I love people like you and Danielle who make me feel a whole lot better!! My boyfriend hates it as well – but he does work on a ship – so I guess he has enough of it rammed down his throat without me mentioning things whilst hes on his annual leave!!

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