A Cabin Dilemma

I am starting to get quite concerned about my upcoming cruise, well not the cruise exactly more like the size of the cabin and the fact it is a five week cruise.

This is what the cabin looked like when we first arrived………

Usually I am more than content with my onboard space however last November my friend and I embarked on a 24 night cruise, again having booked an inside cabin, and whilst ashore we seemed to forget that everything we bought we needed to house in that cabin for three weeks. It turned into somewhat of an Aladdin’s cave and I truly felt sorry for our cabin steward.

When we first opened the door to the cabin I looked at my friend and said, oh my god please tell me this is a joke……where’s the rest of it?!! I really wanted it to be an illusion but no, this was the ENTIRE cabin!

We couldn’t get the suitcases under the bed or in the wardrobe so they remained on the floor for the entire 24 nights, not the best option but hey we learned to avoid them in the middle of the night if we didn’t want to end up in the medical centre.

Our shopping however over took every single inch of the cabin. Everywhere you went there were bags of goodies. I actually think I mentioned it in an earlier blog post and shared an image of what I can only describe as the state of the cabin come the end of the cruise.

My worry is this next cruise is five weeks long and has just as many ports, what on earth are we going to do?!

………..This was it by the time we left!!!are we going to do?!

I was praying we would be upgraded but as of yet, no upgrade, so now I am trying to think logically and decide where can we store our bits and pieces. I don’t care what anyone says, two women in their twenties embarking on a cruise to the Caribbean where we are told shopping is pretty good, whilst sharing a tiny inside cabin is a recipe for disaster. At some point we are going to face a problem especially if I start buying wall masks again!!

We keep telling each other “we must be good” and THINK before we buy things, yes having no baggage limit is a complete miracle in itself but not if you can’t get into the cabin after a day ashore.

I have however reached a conclusion and feel our only real option is to befriend some lovely people with a suite…I hear they have PLENTY of space… 😉

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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4 comments on “A Cabin Dilemma
  1. Anonymous says:

    Bring along some vacuum bags to store stuff in, the steward can suck the air out, with his vacuum and you can store them under the beds.

  2. Andrea Lach says:

    Can’t you get the cabin steward to take away the cases and hold them . I am sure they do, that gives you the space then under the bed for shopping !!

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