Cruise Ship Engineering

In a previous blog post (Learning About Your Cruise Ship) I touched on things like Azipods, Ballast Tanks and even commented on some phrases you may hear used whilst onboard. In today’s blog however I wanted to take it a little further into how your ship actually works and what goes on behind the scenes.

After all, pushing all fun aside we must always respect we are on a ship and it takes a highly dedicated and qualified team of people to make sure that ship works 100% correctly  and gets us to where we are going.

Onboard are diesel engines the size of a small house, state of the art navigational equipment, water treatment plants, even onboard printers that roll out your daily onboard paper. There’s more than meets the eye with cruise ships and rather than try and explain it all I thought you would appreciate seeing it for yourself instead.

This first video is a great chance to see exactly how Azipods work (not all cruise ships have them but it is clearly becoming a more common feature on new ship builds) and the chance to understand how the power is generated through the engines allowing these and the thrusters to work.

Next we have something more engine specific. Yet another great chance to really see the workings of your ship!

I will share more with you over the coming months but I thought the two above were a great place to start and a great glimpse into the world of cruising from another perspective.

Video footage comes courtesy of Royal Caribbean International

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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