Cruising and Music

Cruising and music go hand in hand. Maybe not quite as loved up as cruising and food but they still have a pretty strong bond.

There are many music cruises available now too, with P&O Cruises Music Festivals at sea, The music infused Blue Man Group onboard Norwegian Epic and even the Rock Cruises that Royal Caribbean showcase, cruising really does have its own rhythm.

Let’s step back though from a music themed cruise and just head straight into the hard drive of our own personal iPod’s or MP3 players, what music REALLY goes with your cruise?

Before each cruise I update the selection, well not entirely as I always have roughly 3,000 tracks on my iPod but I always update the main playlist. I include a wide variation of music but will admit a large chunk of it is urban music. I want to have songs that I can really relax too on a hot sunny day at sea, for me this is heaven.

I also have a track that I can relate to each cruise; it almost becomes my “holiday song” not for any specific reason other than every time I hear it I think of one particular cruise. For example whenever I listen to Labrinth Feat Tinie Tempah  – Earthquake, I always think of my cruise last November and if I hear DJ Fresh Feat Sian Evans – Louder, I think of my cruise in April.

This is why I love music, it’s not just a track, it really is when put together the soundtrack to your life.

On my November cruise I remember sitting at the bar, right at the top of the ship. There were only my friend and I there along with a few staff of course but one staff member had hooked his iPod up and was playing tracks from that instead of what is supplied. It was great! This guy was right on our level, there was Reggae then came some Hip-Hop tracks mixed even with a little bit of UK Grime, we had a great afternoon, we relaxed and the mood was good. However, should another passenger have come along I’m not entirely sure they would have appreciated the music, as my Grandma used to say “that’s not music it’s just noise, boom boom boom, where are the words and how on earth do you understand what they are saying”.

I do have music contained within my iPod that I suppose some would refer to as better, Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, Madonna…..yes I have all that “proper” music too but my heart lies with the bass I am afraid.

So, what would be your cruise holiday song?

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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2 comments on “Cruising and Music
  1. Anonymous says:

    This. This a thousand times. I have a song for each cruise, maybe it’s one I heard on the cruise or one I listened to a lot during the cruise which will blast me straight back when I listen to it a couple of weeks later. I also have general ones which remind me of cruising in general.

    For example on my most recent cruise on Indy, Titanium by David Guetta/Sia was playing one night in the Labyrinth, and that is now the song for that cruise. It just takes me back every time I listen to it.

    I also have a playlist of literally my favourite songs which is the perfect length for the drive to Southampton, about 5 hours long. It finishes up with the best songs in my whole library, plus all the ‘cruise associated’ songs, so it puts me in a great mood. I also use the same playlist to listen to when I am out on deck relaxing in the sun.

  2. ria says:

    Blame it on the boogie just came in the radio and for 3 minutes and 30 seconds I was back there on Azura 🙂

    On my first ever cruise I was listening to Rihanna – loud, and still everytime I hear it it makes me think of that holiday!

    One song that sums it up for me comes from the singer of “big panty woman” (gee I hope you know what I’m talking a about or you’ll think I’m mad!) barefoot man, it’s called the cruise – I think it just about sums it up for me.

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