Costa Concordia Sightseeing

The title of this blog may come across as rather controversial however; recently, this is exactly what the Concordia has turned into, a sight to see.

Still sitting half submerged off the island off Giglio, Italy, Costa Concordia is starting to attract day trippers literally by the boat load. It is said that most of the ferries that are making the trip to the stricken vessel are leaving Santo Stefano which is roughly 15km east and on the Italian mainland.

Locals have commented that touts are actually selling the tour using the 116,000 GT cruise ship as the main attraction, telling would be passengers that this is their chance to see the stricken vessel. Tickets are selling for up to 10 euro per person.

Sergio Ortelli, the island’s mayor, said: “There has been a rise in the number of tourists coming for the day, with curious people taking photos of the giant ship sprawled on the rocks.”

I wanted to blog about this because it is causing quite a separation with regards to people who don’t see the problem with this and then those who think it is a mark of disrespect.

Personally I feel if you make your visit for pure reasons then I don’t see the problem. Every year thousands of people visit places around the world where there has been un-imaginable human tragedy and terror, places like Ground Zero and Auschwitz. Although both of these places are on an entirely different scale to the Concordia incident why should this site be any different to the above? If a person wishes to visit, pay their respects to those that have been lost and appreciate by seeing the vessel what the people on board must have experienced then I don’t see the problem in that. I would say that individual was showing openly their level of humanity and the respect they have for their fellow human beings and those that are no longer with us.

What I would, or rather what I do have a problem with are the people who are simply visiting the wreck site in order to snap a photograph of the ship so they can return home and say yeah I saw the Concordia on her side. These people are not visiting with an honest heart, they are not visiting to appreciate and understand the magnitude of this disaster they simply want a photograph to put on facebook! I also like everyone else I am sure, have an issue with those that decide to steal from the Concordia, not long after the disaster thieves stole her iconic brass bell, again, these are the people I look upon and think where is your heart and do you have any respect at all for anyone other than yourself?!

I wonder if maybe the difference of opinion though is rather more to do with the fact this event is fresh in our minds, after all it has only been several months since this happened and I am sure especially for those that were on board the wound is still very much “fresh and open”.

All I would finish by saying is that rather than argue about it we need to remember it, to keep the people alive in memory that were lost and to work together to ensure this never happens again.

It is a part of our history now and history is all about preservation and education.

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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One comment on “Costa Concordia Sightseeing
  1. Mikey says:

    I actually saw the Concordia while landing at Rome Leonard da Vinci Airport and I will say that it is a very eerie and sad sight. I did take a picture of it from the plane, but my reasoning for it was because I had reported on the Concordia tragedy for weeks and I felt such a connection to it. I saw all of these terrible pictures flooding in and could only imagine what the passengers must have felt like. I felt scared for the passengers. When I saw the Concordia out my window, all those feelings came back. I felt scared for the passengers, I felt despair. It might sound stupid, but the Concordia had an impact on me, and I wasn’t even on board. We sailed past Gilgio on the 1st night of my cruise this past July and it was the 6 month anniversary of the sinking, I just sat in silence on my balcony as the lights of Giligo passed by. I just reflected on what those passengers went through that night. It was such a peaceful night on my cruise, but exactly 6 months earlier it was a night of terror. Seeing Giligo and the Concordia that night really gave me something to think about.

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