All Pets Aboard

I came across a video yesterday by Cunard Line of Britain’s Got Talent winners Ashleigh & Pudsey, who sailed back to the UK from America on board the QM2. It was a great little video and Pudsey really seemed to enjoy his time on board.


It made me think more about our pets, especially as I sadly had to say a permanent goodbye to one of my own dogs, Lady, just last Thursday. We love them in our lives and we have such fond memories but losing them in the end is true heart break. We had rescued Lady from the Cat & Dog shelter 12 years ago so she had been with us quite some time. When we got her home she graced us with a littler of 6 puppies just 2 weeks later, we had no idea she was expecting. We kept one of those puppies, Meg, and the rest were given to friends and family.

I know you can still take dogs and cats on board the QM2 but imagine if we could REALLY take them on board, let them live for 2 weeks like us, in style, instead of putting them “downstairs” somewhere. Have a designated “pups club” where they could run free all day, eat, play and bark to their hearts content. We would never need to worry about a pet sitter or kennels ever again.

OK, so maybe this would not be to everyone’s liking but you have to admit it would be a rather interesting idea.

So many of us have pets and as much as we love to cruise it breaks our hearts when we have to leave them for however long our cruise holiday may be. We go on and on all cruise about how much we miss them, we don’t want to go home for anything else come the end of the cruise, only to see our pets. If I had a penny for every time I heard someone on board say, I don’t miss the kids, just the dogs or the cat, I could buy my own suite for a year!

There would be a designated area, obviously, can you imagine the chaos if they could just run free! And I suppose the feline variety would need some kind of enclosed space to stop them scaling the handrails and falling over board. They could introduce doggy obedience classes, the lord knows my other dog, Meg, could do with some of these! She may be 12 in years but she has the mentality and hyperactivity of a six month old puppy.

It seems farfetched but I bet there would be thousands of people interested in it. They do themed cruises so why not add “Pet Cruises” into the mix and liven things up a little with four legs instead of two. Although I am not prejudice to any dog or cat with only 3 legs, they can join in too!

Maybe it’s one of those things that look good on paper but in reality it would be the definition of a nightmare. Who knows, maybe one day someone somewhere will come up with a similar idea, even a pets day on board, and find clever ways of making what would seem impossible, possible.

Author: Danielle

This Blog Is In Loving Memory of Lady


Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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One comment on “All Pets Aboard
  1. We have 3 chihuahua mixes and would love to have them cuddle up with us in bed just like at home…we definetly do miss them on the cruises we take and have spoke often of making one of them our medical dog but can’t figure out which one????? We would definetly book a pet cruise but just for a week to try it out and it would have to be from California because we could never put our kids in kennels…..

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