Grand Event Cruise – Split, Croatia

Good Morning and welcome to Split, Croatia, where you can boil to death from the comfort of your very own tender boat. That was how I felt on this particular morning. There was no escape from the smothering humidity, even at night the breeze was warm. I glued my hair to my head (not literally, hairspray is an amazing thing) slapped on the sun cream, threw my clothes on, that I do mean literally, and off I went to get my ticket for the tender.

The tender operation was not as swift as it has been on previous cruises but, there was another ship tendering passengers between ship and shore so I suppose allowances had to be made for these people too.

We waited until our boat group number was called then made our way down to the pontoon on deck 4. The journey from ship to shore didn’t take long at all, maybe ten minutes, if that. We hopped off the tender, took full advantage of the free ice cold water and set off on our adventure in Split.

First impressions, it was a little on the grimy side. Nothing was screaming to me like the beauty of Dubrovnik. Never the less, as I said never judge a book by its cover so on we went. Once you pass the initial port area Split is actually a rather nice place.

We crossed into what was a huge market, lots of little souvenir items, clothing, fresh fruit and nuts, you name it they had it. The side streets were beautiful, steeped in history, oozing with character and full of life.

It reminded me a little of Dubrovnik, very narrow streets at first seeming pretty redundant but as quick as you thought that you would turn a corner and be greeted by beautiful old houses and bustling restaurants and cafes.

After a stroll through the back streets we ended up back on the dock front just a little further along where we decided to stop and grab a bite to eat. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and my friends both went for cheeseburgers. The food was very nice indeed and amazingly reasonable on prices. We sat watching the world go by for about an hour then made our way back along into areas we had not yet explored.

Maybe 100 yds or so from the café we passed an opening which we decided to venture into. It was surreal, an indoor market, not very big but full of amazing local crafts and souvenirs but the building itself felt like an old medieval type castle, it was a very weird experience but definitely glad we decided to have a look.

After buying a few bits and bobs we exited and continued with our walk back along to where we started. I made a u turn and leaped back into the market where I bought a dress I had fallen in love with. The dress itself was nothing special but the fact I bought it was. I am not a “dress” kind of girl, and never wear them at home but hey I was on holiday so decided to treat myself….again! 😉

As the afternoon crept in the temperature soared and it was time to once again embark our tender back to the ship. We waited no more than 10 minutes and we were back onboard our little orange friend and heading “home” to the ship.

Once back onboard it was time for a quick change and a dip in the pool to once again cool off. We enjoyed our afternoon on deck admiring the view from the ship which was moving ever so slightly and giving us a chance of scenery along the coastline every hour or so.

With all passengers and crew back onboard it was now time to secure the tenders, weigh anchor and head off back into the open seas. We had 2 days at sea to look forward too followed by our call in Palma de Mallorca……

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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2 comments on “Grand Event Cruise – Split, Croatia
  1. Tom Burke says:

    I’m enjoying your blog.

    That indoor market at Split – that wouldn’t have been Diocletian’s Palace, would it?

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