Grand Event Cruise – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Now this was one of the ports I was most looking forward to visiting. I had actually visited this region years ago as a child but then it was still known as Yugoslavia. The country I visited then is now known as Slovenia and is Croatia’s immediate neighbour.

The sail into this port was fantastic. I dragged myself out of bed early enough to appreciate every single second of it. Also here was Celebrity Silhouette and according to our captain, she performed one of the slowest turns in history in order to get to her berth. I am no sea captain but even to me it felt like she was taking toddler steps to get to where she needed to be. Thrust those engines!!! They’re big enough!

Eventually we were both at our berths and I  was eager now to just get off the ship and explore. That was until who should pop her bow around the corner, none other than the little Adonia. I think she had actually been scheduled to arrive before us but we had been alongside for quite a few minutes before she made an appearance. Better late than never I suppose.

We made our way towards the gangway and boarded the shuttle bus for the short drive into town. The temperate here again was exceeding 30 and the main town was jam packed with tourists. We took an easy walk along to the main gates of the famous walls and followed the crowd on in through the grand entrance way, everything was so clean,  it felt almost like you had stepped back into medieval times. The alleyways that led off were so narrow, no more than 3 or 4 feet wide and they too were packed with quirky little pubs, café’s and the odd designer store here and there.

I loved this place; it is everything I travel for. I had been desperate to visit Dubrovnik and I certainly had not been disappointed. We stopped for an hour at an Irish Pub down one of the alleyways, just to cool off and re-hydrate. There was no breeze at all, no air. You begged for a large air conditioned store to show itself, just so you could go in for five minutes and take full advantage of the cool air.

After we finished our drinks it was once again time to greet the summer’s day and continue with our exploring. Every corner you turned you found something to photograph or look at a little closer. It, in some places felt like being on the set of a movie. Everything really was superbly kept, incredibly clean and almost felt staged. It was one of those places where I doubt you would run out of new things to see regardless whether your trip was 2 days or 2 months. The local’s were friendly and it was not a greatly expensive place either.

If I am lucky enough to visit here again I will certainly use that trip to explore the port area more. This was also beautiful and again I am more than sure could content any traveller for the day. From what I could make out you could easily leave the ship and walk round, no need for any form of transport, unless you wanted to catch a cab or something of course. There were hundreds of little boats, pretty little houses dotting the landscape, children jumping off small pontoons into the water. It was very picturesque.

Eventually came the time, to join the queue for the shuttle bus back to the ship. We exited the walls, walked 100 yds or so and BOOM…….a queue the length of a football field! Yet again every passenger on the ship wanted to go back at the same time. We refused to stand baking to death in temperatures which now were close to hitting 40 degrees; we flagged down a taxi to take us back to the port. Must admit too it was only 10 Euros for the privilege which was not bad at all. Keep that in mind if you too are faced with a queue a mile long.

The only thing that disappointed me about our visit here was the fact our back onboard time was 3.30pm. It barely left enough time to visit the walls properly or to explore the port. Although I guess I know have an excuse to definitely come back.

The sail away was just as impressive as the sail in. I could have stood on deck forever watching the port area get smaller and smaller. If I am an honest cruiser, there are few ports in the Mediterranean that make you want to shout about how amazing they are. The end location may well be superb but the actual ports; usually they are nothing to get too excited about. Dubrovnik though, this place had everything! You need not even step foot off the ship to be intrigued by the beauty that surrounded you here.

Today was also the day when someone decided to fill the Terrace Pool to the brim. It looked great, was awesome to swim in as it was deeper but, it also meant when the ship turned towards port, and for a good minute or so too I might add, all the water poured over the top. It just kept coming and coming, the deck was flooded, and the water was pouring down the stairs of which at the bottom sat a door for passenger cabin deck 14. The water at the bottom sat at maybe 9 or 10 inches deep. My friend commented, don’t open the door (I walked across to have a look as I had flip flops on) but I didn’t have to open the door, the water was already pouring through the gap, making its way along the carpet like a big fat snake. I have put a short video below so you can see how “wild” it was.

Eventually the bar staff made a call for someone to come and empty it slightly but I think to be honest by this point it was irrelevant. It’s definitely a good job though that nobody opened the door from the inside; it would have been a monsoon that greeted them! 😉 I imagine it could have been a bit daunting too, to see all that water rush past you. Just remember though, when on a ship, don’t be concerned if the water is coming down the stairs. It’s when it is coming up the stairs you need to worry!

I had been very impressed with Dubrovnik, almost sad to leave as I had not explored it all but now my attention turned to tomorrow’s port, Venice!……………………..
Author: Danielle

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  1. have amazing memories of Dubrovnik and seriously want to go back! did you find a little shop called aqua?

    1. CruiseMiss says:

      I don’t remember a shop called aqua? I really did enjoy Dubrovnik.

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