A Grand Event


I am now onboard P&O Cruises Ventura looking forward to a damp but great Grand Event sailaway.

The weather is pretty bleak but the atmosphere is electric. Everyone onboard Ventura at least is in good spirits.

All seven ships are here, obviously! and soon each will set sail ready for the fleet review.

My journey down to Southampton went pretty quick, before I knew it I was onboard. The check-in process was fantastic! considering the amount of people getting from A to B was huge the check-in and security check was over in less than 25 minutes.

I am now on deck 7, Promenade deck, watching other smaller vessels pass by as they too get involved with the days events.

I think we are due to sail at 5.30pm, we will be second to leave.

With that said I must head back inside and get ready for the muster drill.

To everyone onboard and shoreside I hope you have a wonderful Grand Event with P&O Cruises!


Author: Danielle


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  1. Kt says:

    How fantastic to be part of such a huge historical event! Enjoy every minute!

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