Four Weeks Until The Grand Event Cruise

There are exactly 4 weeks to go now until my next cruise and the excitement is definitely starting to build.

As it is part of the P&O Cruises Grand Event, which is going to be spectacular (I hope) I can’t quite decide if I am more excited for the cruise or the Southampton sail away. What I have found on my last few cruises is that I barely manage to get back to the cabin from the muster drill to put the lifejacket away before we are leaving the dock. This really irritates me, I love to be on deck as we push away from the berth but it keeps starting before I can get there.

On my last cruise we did manage to make it, we had a cunning plan you see. I had spent 24 nights on the ship previously and knew her like the back of my hand so, we attended the muster drill as did everyone else and waited patiently until we were told we could leave. We exited politely, flew up the stairs one floor, scurried round the maze that was deck 8, I opened the cabin door and my friend threw the lifejackets in, door shut and off we went!!! I was pretty proud of our achievement only to then find out we were slightly delayed anyway…………drink please!!!

I will be cruising on Ventura this time, again another ship I know perhaps even better than the back of my hand and in all honesty she is one of my favourites. I have my own little way of getting to where I need to be on this ship whilst avoiding as many other passengers as possible (If I don’t pick my own cabin P&O insist on keep putting me in a forward cabin and I always spend my days aft…..I can be pretty miserable having to do a marathon trek to my sun bed every morning so best I avoid people sometimes 😉 ) I’ll give you one of my little hints………….

You want to go and sun yourself on one of the open decks, let’s say for arguments sake you are forward and want to be aft on deck 15, Lido deck. Make your way to deck 7, the Promenade deck and step outside. Walk along the entire length of the deck until you reach the door for the aft lifts. If you want to avoid the public areas then take the lift to deck 17. Exit the lift and go out through the door to your right, then when through the door turn right again. Walk along until you reach the sun bed area and as if by magic you have reached the aft of the ship where you can peacefully walk down the stairs to your chosen aft deck. The best thing about going this way is if it is lunchtime you bypass both buffet areas and both the forward and mid-ships swimming pools, it takes less than half the time and you avoid having to cut through two often busy dining areas…..try it!

All I can say is roll on July 3rd!

Author: Danielle


Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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One comment on “Four Weeks Until The Grand Event Cruise
  1. Iain Smith says:

    Agree about the time from push off and safety drill , wa disappointed last year to discover once we for up on deck we were off , no real fanfare about it , I hope this time is different

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