Things Are Not Always As They Seem

We all return home from our cruising adventures with lots of stories. Some are funny, some sad and others are just cringe worthy. I have shared many of my experiences with you all and today it is time I share with you what I felt was a cringe worthy moment from my last cruise.

One of the themed buffet evenings was a carvery. I entered, used the hand sanitizer and waited in line. I was moving along the line behind an older gentleman who was clearly filling his plate with enough food to ensure he had a good belly fill. After all being British we do love our roast Sunday dinners. I wasn’t there for that though, nothing can beat a homemade Sunday dinner so I never go down that route on a cruise, no disrespect to the chef’s onboard but it just isn’t the same. I instead was waiting to get to the Mac and Cheese.

For my American friends a British roast Sunday dinner consists of vegetables like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, baby corn or cabbage along with Yorkshire puddings (Google that one) potatoes of all types, mashed, roasted, new, and meat being either chicken, beef, turkey or ham and then it is obviously accompanied by a nice meaty gravy.

As I approached the smaller section where the gravy etc was I noticed the hot desert on the end so thought I would stop for a minute and have a peek. To do this and without being rude I would need to wait until the gentleman had finished whatever he was doing so I put my tray down and just waited. I watched him also put down his plate and pick up the soup ladle. Didn’t think too much of it until I noticed he wasn’t picking up a bowl, instead he poured an entire full serving of mushroom soup all over his beef dinner. It was all over everything on his plate. As far as I was concerned everything on his plate was now contaminated and a funny shade of grey with bits of mushroom clinging on for dear life!!!

I couldn’t move, I so desperately wanted to tell him before he poured it over his dinner but no words would leave my mouth. I could see it coming but there was nothing I could do. I was shocked but at the same time I was forcing myself to refrain from laughing. After all it was done now whether I laughed or not wasn’t going to change the fact he just drowned his dinner in soup. I managed to keep it in, he picked up his tray and off he went.

Most of us can clearly see the difference between gravy and mushroom soup, even if he couldn’t should something in his mind not have stopped him and made him ask himself – why would gravy be served out of a soup ladle!!!???? The gravy was brown and in a gravy boat. The mushroom soup was as I say a dark shade of grey with bits of mushroom in it, contained within a huge metal soup pot and with a ladle…….it begs belief.

As I went back to my table I noticed he was sitting on the table behind, from where I sat I could see everything he was doing. He sat there and ate every last bit of his dinner, clearly enjoying it and even commenting at one point to his wife that the gravy for the beef was different, something he had never tasted before but that it was very nice. She said back to him it looked a funny colour but his food did look very nice. I couldn’t help myself, I really was hysterical, I had to leave. He genuinely thought the mushroom soup was gravy and my teeny tiny immature brain just could not cope with the pressure. As much as I couldn’t stop laughing I also couldn’t stop myself from feeling slightly nauseas. I mean after all it was mushroom soup on a Sunday dinner!!!

And on that note…….enjoy your lunch! 😉

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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