Cruise Countdown

My next cruise is so far turning into quite the social event. Not only will I be on one of the P&O  Grand Event cruises but I am convincing more and more people to join me on it literally by the day! (I once again make my pledge for commission 😉 )

Although technically I am travelling alone and will for the first time have my own cabin I am meeting up with friends on the ship. I have made many wonderful friends since I first started cruising and have recently just returned from a cruise with 2 of them so I feel quite lucky to be cruising with more in just 5 weeks.

My friend and her partner booked the cruise after some consideration (they are also on a 2 week cruise right now, of which I wanted to be on I might add so today I could have been celebrating my Birthday in Italy instead of England) and inevitable pleading from me but then I also found out another couple and their son will also be on the same cruise…..could it get any better?

As the countdown has now officially begun so starts the cycle of getting ready. I really don’t know why I bother un-packing. To be honest I could do with a new suitcase (donations greatly received) as at this rate it is going to disintegrate……well either that or it is going to be beaten into submission by the baggage handlers. I am convinced one day it will suddenly come alive and tell me your one your own girl, I can’t cope with this anymore.

One of the destinations on this cruise is Venice and I am told it is a stunning place. Everyone keeps telling me you must get up and watch the sail into Venice, so much so I am now terrified to even think about going to sleep that night just in case I do sleep in. That will ultimately then end up with me being lynched when I get home for missing such a stunning entrance…..note to self must NOT sleep in and MUST have at least 3 wake up calls just to be safe, although to be honest reception seem to do that to me without me even asking?!

Another of the destinations is Dubrovnik. I have always wanted to visit Croatia, not entirely sure why but I must admit it is one of the destinations I am really looking forward too, and lucky us we get calls in both Dubrovnik and Split….bit greedy on that one but oh well, it seems sometimes we can have everything!

36 days to go…………….. 🙂

Author: Danielle


Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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2 comments on “Cruise Countdown
  1. Dubrovniklady says:

    Dubrovnik in itself is a work of art. Take your timer and explore the hidden gems of the Pearl of the Adriatic.

  2. Ray says:

    Your will love Venice and Dubrovnik, and yes the sail into Venice, is ahhhhhhhh and not to be missed

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