The Cruise Ship Slob

This is the before look…..I think I am too ashamed to show the after shot!

I like my living space to be clean, tidy and organised. I hate mess and clutter and if something has a place then it must always be in it. If I were really in hurry and I didn’t put things away before I left the house it would irritate me all day, knowing I had to go back to it and tidy it up once I returned home. I wouldn’t say I’m too over the top with neatness but I do have standards and I can’t stand to see something dropped and just left.

Considering I am pretty intense at home with this you would think the same should apply for any space I find myself temporarily living in, right? For example a cruise ship cabin, but that is not the case. I have no idea what it is but I turn into an absolute slob whilst on holiday, so much so I spend half my cruise apologising to my cabin steward for the state of the cabin.

The last 2 cruises have definitely tipped the scales when it comes to cabin tidiness. Novembers 24 night cruise, well, let’s just say my excuse was the fact it was 2 women sharing an inside cabin, for 24 nights and shopping in every port…….I need say no more. However, I don’t even have an excuse for my last cruise.

12-nights, that’s all it was and I attempted 4 times to tidy the cabin as did my friend. I literally took 70% of my clothes out of the case, re-folded them and left them on the chair; there they stayed for the whole cruise. Both the desk and vanity areas were covered in make-up cases, hair straighteners, jewellery, mobile phone chargers, you name it they were on it. The place was an absolute tip and I do mean that literally.

I kept telling myself, Danielle you really need to sort it out, your poor cabin steward. This became more real when I did apologise one day to him for the mess and his response was a laugh followed by “yes, it is ok, small cabin, lots of stuff”. I know our cabin stewards are so nice to our faces but I truly dread to think what they must imagine before they open the door.

I had kept telling myself ok ill take an hour today and tidy up, I kept saying this every day but it never happened, that was until I returned to my cabin one day and decided enough is enough.

I was going about my business as usual; wandering around the ship, recording different things then decided I would head back to the cabin, recording my journey as I went. It’s not a very long video or very interesting either in all honesty, but never mind. As I got to my cabin I noticed the room service cart outside and then that my door was open, I turned into the door way but did not enter the cabin and that’s when I stopped recording. I stood for maybe 5 or 6 seconds just watching the young man literally trying to figure out where to leave the tray of canapés. He didn’t see me but he stood looking towards one vanity area with the plate in his hand and a worried look on his face, after clearly deciding there was no room in this area and rubbing his head in utter confusion he turned towards the other vanity area, again with the same confused look on his face. Eventually I stepped forward, thinking I need to put this poor guy out of his misery and said, hey, just leave it wherever you can find a space and ill move it later, he laughed and said yes madam, dropped the plate and literally ran.

He was clearly experiencing something completely new that he had never come across before, the cruise ship slob. After he left I pulled that cabin apart (not literally, don’t worry!) and it was spotless. Ok not quite spotless but it was 90% better than it was.

As I said though I don’t know why I become so lazy on a cruise. At home I would never ever have my space in such disorder; it would make me have some kind of anxiety attack I am sure. Yet on a cruise I can quite happily live in it. I just don’t get it.

Does anyone else go through the same thing? Or am I one of a kind on this one!

Author: Danielle

Trying to explore each and every inch of this wonderful planet via cruise ship.

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One comment on “The Cruise Ship Slob
  1. You are so not alone! If I had the cabin to myself then maybe it would be cleaner, but I often find there just isn’t enough drawers or hangers or just space to put things away. Definitely need a bigger cabin and maybe just for myself in the future! 🙂

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